Electrical & Electronics Engineering Class of 2015

马来西亚伍伦贡伯乐大学学院,格林玛丽大学城(Utropolis Glenmarie)

All the support from classmates during his final year while working in the final year project. Although it was an individual assignment, but all of his classmates stayed together motivating each other, taking some time off and relax. "To beat the sleep and be able to stay awake we have been transferring and switching venues from one coffee shop to another around Petaling Jaya, we consumed the largest amount of caffeine ever. Literally the only time we would be home is to take a quick shower and back at it again. Despite the stress, we had so much fun and after submitting our thesis we never felt so accomplished," says Hassan.

KDU Engineering department has guided him through the electrical and electronic engineering program to have a vision of the future, to build skills based on the needs of the industry. "My final year project supervisor at KDU advised him to do his thesis in solar energy as it's the future. Kill two birds with one stone, building up my skill in solar energy industry and completing my degree. After two years of experience in different industries finally my thesis contributed big time to secure my dream job as a PV Solar design engineer," says Hassan on how KDU contributed to his career path today.