Culinary Arts Class of 2016

马来西亚伍伦贡伯乐大学学院,格林玛丽大学城(Utropolis Glenmarie)

The years were formative in ways that shaped his interests as a KDU undergraduate and that continued to take him abroad. At KDU, Aaron finds the campus very friendly and welcom­ing, which makes his learning more enjoyable and fun at the same time. He didn't just found friends but also 'family' among his course mates. He met a lecturer which happens to be the head chef of Dewakan (fine dining home-grown restaurant in KDU) to find out more about the course.

"Studying at KDU has taught me the importance of teamwork. I have experienced working with different people in KDU from different backgrounds". He added "I have learnt so much to become motivated and passionate about my career."

Aaron recommends KDU to anyone interested in his passions - culinary arts, fine dining service and hospitality that one should go crazy and have fun while they can because life is short.