Academic Profiles

Chan Tze Kang


Apart from being a Head of Professional Accountancy Centre, Chan has been delivering the Strategic Performance Management and Strategic Financial Management subjects for various professional accountancy programs such as ACCA, CAT, CIMA, QP (HK) for more than 20 years.
Being internationally exposed, Chan has taught in countries like Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, China, Hong Kong and Uganda.
Apart from lecturing for the professional programs, Chan is also conducting numerous CPD (Continuing Professional Development) program and as well as Train the Trainer Program (TTT) for several professional bodies in several ASEAN countries.
He has been providing training to the academician of several public universities in the preparation of delivery of professional qualification program as well as consultation on the development of course curriculum in acclaiming exemptions from the professional bodies.
He is a Fellow member of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, and a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in English and Wales. Last but not least, he is registered mentor of the ACCA Oxford Brookes University Research and Analysis Project.

Wong Paik Wan


Paik Wan has more than 10 years of practical experience in the audit and assurance services and commercial sector and is exposed in the fields of financial accounting, financial management, secretarial practices, and taxation as well as other areas of management including human resources.
In 2003, she made a career change and decided to venture into the academic world. She lectures in financial accounting and taxation for professional courses i.e. CAT and ACCA. She has also been trained in accelerated learning methods.
With her valuable corporate experience, she has managed to keep her lectures interesting with facts and real-life work-related scenarios. Paik Wan is a caring, friendly, committed and dedicated lecturer. She possesses a great passion for teaching and caring demeanour towards her students.
Paik Wan is a Fellow Member of The Association of Chartered Certificate Accountants (FCCA), an Associate Member of the Chartered Tax Institute of Malaysia (ACTIM) and a Chartered Accountant of the Malaysian Institute of Accountants (CA).
She is also the registered mentor of the ACCA Oxford Brookes University Research and Analysis Project. Under her mentoring process, she is able to enhance students’ learning skills and knowledge to complete the research and analysis project report successfully.

Mary Margaret Francis


Mary is a very committed lecturer. She started her career in an aeronautical firm, gaining exposure in the corporate line. Having a passion for teaching, she committed herself fully in the profession and has more than 16 years of teaching experience. She has demonstrated the ability to clarify difficult concepts and to inspire students. She always believes in excelling in all that she does, helping students excel and progressing well in their academic achievements.
She has taught in Malaysia, Brunei and Vietnam. She has conducted public and in-house seminars/workshop in Brunei for Ministry of Finance-IRB, Ministry of Defence-Royal Brunei Technical Services, TAIB and Shell Miri, receiving good ratings simply because of her ability to present the materials in a clear manner and to discuss theories and cases in a user-friendly approach. Apart from that she has also produced world prize winner for CAT T6 (now known as FFA) and ACCA 1.1 (now known as F3). Overall she is an excellent lecturer and a generous person who truly cares for her students.

Tan Vooi Giap


Tan has earned high student evaluations with his innovative and effective teaching techniques.
His students enjoy his concise user-friendly slides which are written in simple English. They include mnemonics and visual images of movie characters. His students have achieved high pass rates and won several ACCA top affiliates and subject prizes.
Tan was a Lee Foundation scholar and a dual ICSA World Prize Winner. He brings 30 years of international corporate and cross-cultural experiences to share in the classroom. He has taught extensively on case studies and now teach Strategic Business Leader. Previously, he was chief financial officer and/or director at 3 public listed companies. His passion for teaching was enhanced by a brief training stint at BPP in United Kingdom. In another life, he was national chess captain.

Yeong Gin Li


Gin Li is a fellow member of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants. She has involved in audit and assurance services before she pursues her career in the education sector.
With years of experience in lecturing, students will benefit from her teaching as her main concern is to ensure students fully understand the knowledge. Gin Li possesses a Diploma for Teachers and Trainers from Cambridge University. Having obtained the qualification, she has learned various methods of effective teaching and learning.

Nicholas Lim


After completing his ACCA qualification in 2003, Nicholas Lim has been involved in audit and assurance services for several years. Besides audit, the job has exposed him to various assignment in the field of accounting, tax etc encompassing different industries listed on the Bursa Malaysia.
In 2008, Nicholas decided to switch to lecturing. Ever since, he has the opportunity to share his vast experience in some of Malaysia’s biggest private institution ranging from diploma, degree to professional courses. His notable achievement includes producing world 1st prize winner in CAT and ACCA. His experience is invaluable and with real case studies to present to his students, it has been so much easier for them to understand.

Kok Shwu Jiun


Shwu Jiun has been involved in tax services under an ACCA Approved Employer after completing her ACCA studies. She then decided to switch her profession to academic sector, as being an educator is what she always wished to do.
With her experience dealing with both individual and corporate clients, she believes that practical experience and real-life examples are the perfect teaching tools. She is committed in creating a stimulating and encouraging classroom atmosphere to her students.

Kiran Singh Wathan

MBA (Leicester), LL.M (UM), LL B (Hons) (London)

Harkiran Wathan has a double Masters – Master of Law (LL.M) from University of Malaya and Master of Business Administration (MBA) from University of Leicester, UK. He also has Bachelor of Laws (Honours) (LL.B (Hons.)) from University of London, UK.
He has more than 20 years of teaching experience at the tertiary level. He has lectured and taught in various universities including Asia-Pacific University (APU/APIIT), University of Malaya (UM), Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR), Wawasan Open University (WOU) and Open University Malaysia (OUM).
He has also conducted training in the area of “Banking Operations and BAFIA (Banking & Financial Institutional Act 1989)” at iCIMB which is a subsidiary of CIMB Bank. He has also been a speaker at MATRADE’s seminars. He has conducted seminars in the area of “Business Law in today’s Globalized and Internet Era” and “Export Trade Disputes” at MATRADE.

Ean Lee


Ean Lee holds a MBA from University of Western Sydney and a Certified Chartered Company Secretary from MAICSA (Malaysian Institute of Chartered Secretaries & Administrator).
She specializes in professional papers especially ACCA F1 (Accountant in Business), P3 (Business Analysis) and P1 (Governance, Risk and Ethics). She has been teaching P3 in Cambodia, Kuching and Nanchang. Her lecturing journey has anchored her in various diploma, degree, programs affiliated with international universities and professional bodies. She also taught other programs such as CAT, UOL, CIM, ABE, IAM.
In her 18 years of lecturing experiences, she has developed strong determination to nurture students in enriching their interest in Management, business strategies and processes in relation to the realistic work environment. Her lecturing techniques focus on making theories simple in layman terms, emphasizing on understanding rather than memorizing and shares ample real life management and business scenarios with her students. Exam techniques will be aiming at abilities of cognitive applications and writing proficiency.

Lau Ee Mei


Ee Mei is an experienced cost and management lecturer who has been teaching the cost and management subjects for more than 20 years. Providing students with full understanding on the topics is always her concern.
She had managed to assist her students in winning the world prizes for these two subjects in LCCI. Her dedication and commitment in lecturing has made her one of the favourite lecturer who maintains a good relationship with her students.

Laurence Kuek


Laurence is a subject matter expert for Cost & Management Accounting and Business Analysis. He has extensive experience preparing candidates for professional examinations in both of these fields. The examinations include those from the ACCA, CAT, ABE and LCCI. His passion for training has increased pass rates and it is evidenced by their candidates winning country and world prizes for the ACCA, ABE and LCCI examinations.
Prior to entering the lecturing profession, Laurence started his career in the retail catering operations for a UK FTSE 100 company responsible for operations and management accounting. He has research interest in Business Model Innovations and is a co-creator of Business Model You (Wiley 2012). The methodologies presented in the book has now gone on to become a growing global certification for career development and guidance.

Shamala Sukerathavan


Shamala started her career in a small to mid-sized accounting/audit firm, which provided her excellent insights into the practical aspects of preparing financial statements. She oversaw the end to end accounting process in respect of her clients. She then progressed her career with a major MNC and this gave her an excellent perspective on financial management i.e. budgeting, treasury operations, management information systems, etc.
Shamala has always had a deep personal interest in education and in 2001 opted to leave the financial and accounting career for academia. As a lecturer with over 18 years of experience, Shamala is a strong advocate of active learning i.e. class discussions with element of real-life commercial scenarios that encourages interest in the subject matter rather than purely academic approach. This includes emphasis of past examination questions focusing on application of the accounting standards and principles rather than mere knowledge of the principles. Her ultimate goal for her students is to develop them into all rounded professionals.
For the last 15 years, she has been heavily involved in lecturing the ACCA as well as accounting undergraduate final accounting examination paper and her continued interest to teach this paper ensures she keeps abreast with financial accounting standards and the most recent pronouncements guiding the accounting profession. As an experienced lecturer she brings invaluable know how on examination techniques, critical to preparing students to excel in both the undergraduate and professional examinations.

Chua Sing Ping


Ms. Chua Sing Ping holds an MBA (International) from Edith Cowan University, Perth, Western Australia. She also holds a Bachelor Degree in Business with a major in Finance and Economics from Edith Cowan University, Perth, Western Australia.
In the corporate world, Ms. Chua was from Big 4 with vast taxation experiences in business advisory and consultations involving multinational companies, foreign owned companies, public listed companies. She is currently the tax consultant for a local taxation firm.
She has lecturing experiences of more than 10 years specializing in lecturing ACCA ATX (MYS) – Advanced Taxation; ACCA FM – Financial Management; ACCA TX (MYS) – Taxation; FTX (MYS) – Foundations in Taxation; and Economics for degree programs.

Ng Lay Choo

FCCA, MBA – Finance, NLP, DTM

Lay Choo brought with her more than 30 years of corporate experience in various industries ranging from insurance, stock-broking, trading, manufacturing and servicing. Part of her corporate experience includes postings in Bangkok and Jakarta. Most of her corporate experiences were in auditing, accounting, company secretarial, business analysis, project management and operations.
As a distinguished toastmaster and certified neuro-linguistic programmer, she has an unorthodox way of sharing her sessions with students. She believes in interactive learning and is able to share the skills in passing professional examinations. Buckle up and enjoy the “ride” with her!


Ashwini is an Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) graduate that puts her students at the center of the teaching and learning process. Having graduated from the very same qualification that she is now teaching, she understands the struggles that the students face and is able to address them using her own experience and relay techniques that works for students studying the program. She recognises the limits and potential of each student and manages to accommodate to individual student progress while building motivation and confidence to make it through the program.

Alex Chan Tze Huey


Alex Chan graduated from the University of Canterbury (New Zealand) majoring in Accountancy, Finance and Information Systems (AFIS). He has been an analyst programmer in a finance institution and a corporate financial analyst of a listed company in the early years of his career life in Malaysia. The corporate exposure has undoubtedly equipped him the ability to complement academic knowledge with practical perspectives in teaching the professional programs in the past 13 years.
Alex specialises in management accounting, financial management, corporate governance, risk management and business analysis. In 2010, Alex accomplished his MBA qualification (Victoria University, Australia) which further enables him to inspire the students with greater depth of strategic thinking in higher level subjects. He believes in exploring students’ own initiative to strive for success and excellence and is always passionate about his role as a trainer of future accountants as well as corporate leaders in the 21st century. Alex is also the associate member of CPA Australia.

Magdalene Chia


Magdalene Chia, an FCCA (Fellow member of ACCA) and a member of MIA (Malaysian Institute of Accountants), is an experienced lecturer for the past 14 years after being in the audit and corporate line for more than 10 years. She was a full-time lecturer for a period of 12 years, conducting classes for Diploma, Degree, LCCI and Professional Courses such as CIMA and ACCA.
She is currently focused on ACCA papers such as Audit and Assurance, Advanced Audit and Assurance (AAA) and the new Strategic Business Leader paper (SBL). She has produced some prize winners in the past for ACCA and LCCI as well.
Her expertise is to coach students on relevant exam techniques to pass ACCA students which is KEY to passing exams. She believes in connecting with her students and is passionate about providing constructive feedback to her students for self-improvement.
She is also a registered OBU Mentor for the ACCA collaboration with the Oxford Brookes University.

S. M. Tan


S. M. Tan holds a Bachelor of Science in Economics and Management from the University of London.
She has 19 years of lecturing experience in LCCI, ACCA and A-levels, as well as 21 years of private tutoring experience in Accounting, Economics and English. With her vast teaching experience, excellent communication skills, approachable and empathetic personality, you will find the learning process to be beneficial and interesting.

Dr Antonia

Dr. Antonia’s academic experience has been varied both in the academia and in adult training. Prior to the current portfolio as a Senior Lecturer she served as a lecturer for the various Universities both locally and abroad in the UK. She has been heavily involved in teaching the ACCA Legal framework in the UK. She has a passionate belief that people are the key to success in any organization.
Her research interest is in Human Governance. Dr. Antonia has a passion for enabling people to learn, a more sustainable approach than enabling people to be trained and she is a dynamic, enthusiastic and energetic facilitator and trainer. She believes in working with the cultures of her clients and yet is also able to challenge sensitively to lead culture change where appropriate.
Dr. Antonia’s interest in the academia lies in teaching and research. Her experience in teaching reflects research and knowledge of the latest developments in the legal field as evidenced by reading scholarly and professional literature and this information is then applied to the courses she teaches. Her knowledge and experience includes corporate law, ethics and governance, employment law where she has supervised many honours and masters’ students in the same areas. She has supervised many masters’ students in the said areas.
The last 24 years in the education industry has served well which alleviated her to training and consultancy. She is also a big advocate of sustainable development goal of the UN; through this she facilitates strategy development and cultural intelligence that enhances the importance of equality and diversity.