Zumba Fitness

Zumba session commences with a warm-up and stretching session

UOW Malaysia KDU students follow the Zumba instructor Carvalho in Zumba dance moves

By Student and Alumni Centre (SAC)

On 12th August 2020, the Student and Alumni Center (SAC) at UOW Malaysia KDU University conducted ‘Zumba Fitness for the  students. This Zumba session was one of the initiatives under the Youth Empowerment Plan – Fitspiration. SAC organized this exercise session to promote a healthy lifestyle among students, and inspire students to lead an active lifestyle in a safe and protected environment, despite the pandemic.

It was a great privilege to have professional Zumba instructor Mrs. Shearilee Karina Carvalho to lead the session. In the hour long session, Carvalho turned the workout session into a non-stop and fun exercise session, with a dance party vibe. “The experience was fun and happy. I would definitely recommend this session to my friends in the future”, said  Iman, a student in the School of Business.

This Zumba session provided a safe campus community experience for students during pandemic, with students leavingthe session learning how to continue to do Zumba in the comfort of their own homes. With the tips learned and and high-energy workout, SAC UOW Malaysia KDU is confident that students will be able to stay healthy and motivated to exercise in the days to come.


2020年 8月 20日





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