Tazkirah Nuzul Al-Quran “Covid-19: Tests For Believer”

By Student and Alumni Centre (SAC)

Conjunction with a month of the Nuzul Al-Quran, the Student and Alumni Center of UOW Malaysia KDU University College was organised a Tazkirah on topic “Covid-19: Tests For Believer”. It was held on 10th May 2020 through UOWMSAC Instagram Live. For this session, Ustaz Haji Sabran Jamil spritual leader of Melawati Mosque also one of UOW Malaysia KDU alumni has discussed on the current situation Covid-19 that rapidly spread in all over the world especially us in Malaysia.

During this session, Ustaz Haji Sabran Jamil shared on the perspectives that students can see on what is happening from two perspectives, positive and negative sides. Also, Ustaz Sabran shared that we need to have faith and believe to the god and we need to put our effort to overcome this challenge.

In addition, he also shared should we have to leave it to Allah S.W.T without solving the covid-19 problem or the effort to make it and how can we spend our time with the MCO especially as a Muslim?

The lesson of this Tazkirah is to ensure Muslims should never give up and there is God  who constantly protects his servants from all calamity and disease. Throughout pandemic period  we as human should take care each other well being.

Tazkirah Nuzul Al-Quran “Covid-19: Tests For Believer” session with Ustaz Sabran Jamil Ab Razak


2020年 5月 10日





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