‘New Normal: Accept, Adapt, and Adjust’ (A Virtual Event Series)

By UOW Malaysia KDU

Albert Einstein once said: “In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.” This is precisely how the UOW Malaysia KDU’s Bachelor of Communications students felt when they recently completed six virtual events during the pandemic.

Under the theme the New Normal: Accept, Adapt, and Adjust, six virtual events were undertaken by students within the School of Communication and Creative Arts who were challenged to inspire the community on how one can accept, adapt and adjust to the new normal in their daily lives.

Let’s face it, during March this year Malaysians saw how COVID-19 brought a negative impact upon the majority of people. We were forced to cope with physical distancing, our movements were restricted, many lost their jobs, many more learnt to adjust their lives to the new regulations and norms, and a growing number of people suffered from mental health issues.

But these students remained optimistic and decided to look for the rainbow in the rain. In the midst of the pandemic, the students successfully organised six back-to-back virtual events which ranged from entertainment, to sharing sessions, to fitness workouts, to healthy lifestyle sessions and support for local initiatives. All of the virtual events were held over a two-week period in August.

Students were energized by the challenge, with other students joining in as the events progressed. They worked as a team throughout the event, from managing online registration and producing promotional videos to seeking sponsorship and collaborations.


Some of the virtual event from the ‘New Normal: Accept, Adapt, and Adjust’ that has happened during the pandemic.


Below are the Virtual Event Series that were developed:

  1. Blast N Burn– A virtual fitness workout that was led by two experienced coaches from Iron Brigade. This event was sponsored by Iron Brigade Gym, Aikicha Homemade Kombucha, HERMS Activewear, OSUDA, Elite Care Nutrition, and MamaVege PJ.
  2. Finding a Better You– A health talk with an invited nutritionist- Ms. Chong KeSin to share her thoughts on how to eat sensibly and responsibly.
  3. Artist Tales- A sharing session about digital illustration by a talented artist- Ms. Asyiqin M.Zin.
  4. Local Motive– A fun and interactive online product sharing with three creative local entrepreneurs from ThreeSixFive, Eatsalot, and Seedy Zero Waste Store that promote environmental friendly products and DIY desserts. This series was sponsored by Hermo, Beaumedic, Newton and Fatmom Homemade.
  5. You Sing_We Sync– A virtual karaoke session that encourages everyone to fill in some joy by singing at the comfort of their own home.
  6. Tik Talk with Musang King Channel– A talk show with Jym and Bernard from the Musang King Channel on how media and entertainment industry professionals cope with pandemic conditions. This series was sponsored by Buttermilk Kitchen and Pin Tea.


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