Kloth Care X UOW Malaysia KDU: Someplace You Can Send Altogether of Your Pieces That Don’T Spark of Joy Anymore For Recycling

Performance by the students during the Kloth Care x UOW Malaysia KDU launching ceremony.

A group photo together with the co-founder of Kloth Care, Nik Suzila Nik Hassan.

Launching of the Kloth Care x UOW Malaysia KDU by Prof. Dr. Hon Wei Min , Deputy Vice Chancellor of UOW Malaysia KDU and co-founder Kloth Care, Nik Suzila Nik Hassan.

Prof. Dr. Hon Wei Min giving a speech how important of recycling.

By Faresa Azmi

Recycling isn’t only limited to paper, glass, aluminium, and plastic; almost everything around you are actually recyclable materials. An inconceivable 100,000 tonnes of unwanted clothing ends up in the Malaysia’s landfill each year, contributing to the fashion industry having the fourth biggest environmental impact after housing, transport and food.

In order to avoid our unwanted clothes from ending up in landfill we can give them a new lease of life by passing them on to charity to be reused or recycled.

UOW Malaysia KDU and Kloth Cares this year developing a new venture by creating an impact for the students through eco campus recognition. Students from School of Computing & Creative Media (SCCM) commenced on awareness campaign and collection of fabric waste.

Kloth Cares is a social entrepreneurship movement that was launched in 2016 for the purpose of keeping fabrics out of landfills. The movement has partnered up with Life Line Clothing and the Selangor Youth Community.

Its co-founder Nik Suzila Nik Hassan said the effort aims at keeping fabrics out of landfills in support of the circular economy.

“Our goal is to be amongst the pioneers that drive the urban mining movement to help foster a sustainable way of life for the community,” said Suzila during the launched of Kloth Cares x UOW Malaysia KDU ceremony. The launched was witnessed by Prof. Dr. Hon Wei Min , Deputy Vice Chancellor of UOW Malaysia KDU together with Assoc. Prof Tan Chin Ike, Head of School of Computing & Creative Media (SCCM).

Today, Kloth Cares have gathered over 75,000kg of unwanted fabrics with the help of its sustainable partners including Guess Jeans, Lot 10 Shopping Centre, Prince Court Medical Centre, Allianz Malaysia, Sunway Putra Mall, Fraser & Neave and Sime Darby Plantation. It has also placed over 80 bins across Klang Valley to encourage the public to dispose of their unwanted fabric and clothes. At UOW Malaysia KDU, they placed 2 bins in the campus for unwearable item.

The initiative by the students took place by few stages. The first initiative from May to July by Awareness Campaign and Collection of fabric waste followed by the Kloth Cares bin wrapping competition will be in September till November and final projects Community Branding Startegy. By doing this project, the students created an awareness towards UOW Malaysia KDU’s corporate social responsibility efforts.

UOW Malaysia KDU is a part of FEE EcoCampus which leads to its transformative thinking and enhancing the curriculum by getting the whole institution united behind something vital. FEE EcoCampus is a long-term programme and the award takes the form of the International Green Flag.

According to Nik Suzila, the items will be processed and sorted into different categories. “Wearable garments, shoes, bags and linen will be distributed to charity homes in Malaysia and exported to Africa and other third world countries for charity and some will also be sold at retail outlets as second-hand clothings” she added.
Those who want to re-purpose unused fabric can drop it at nearby recycling bins at UOW Malaysia KDU for textile items or pass it to Kloth Cares.


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