UOW Malaysia KDU Industry Centric Career Fair 2019

Students registering for UOW Malaysia KDU Industry Centric Career Fair 2019.

One of the company open-handed introduction of their company to group of students.

On the spot interviews conducted by employers.

Employers explaining the job description to the students.

More and more studies are coming out showing that Generation Z is the most entrepreneurially inclined generation yet. And that will undoubtedly help them more as the nature of work continues to change. Widespread entrepreneurship education can help them hone those skills even further and start creating innovation in long dormant sectors of the market.

The Entrepreneurship STAR Grand Finale is an event for Entrepreneurship students to showcase their business ideas and prototypes that they have created during the semester. There are a total of 36 teams participated in the business plan competition from 200 students enrolled for the subject. The participating schools are SOB, SCCM, SCCA, and SOE. The champion of Grand Finale received gift vouchers worth RM500, first runner-up RM350 and second runner-up RM250.

The champion for the Entrepreneurship STAR Grand Finale taken up by the 4Alert team. Trustfall is a startup company that sells a wearable fall detection device known as ‘4Alert’ that detect a fall in elderlies and immediately notifies designated family members/care givers. Within the sms received, location of the fall is displayed.

In this age of educational accountability through standards and assessments with only one right answer and success measured by test scores, we need to keep young minds open for alternative ways of thinking, allow innovative ideas to spark and grow, to create an entrepreneurial culture that will grow great people and great communities.


2019年 7月 23日





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