Fundraising Iftar 2022

By UOW Malaysia KDU

Fundraising Iftar 2022 was an event organized by a collaboration of the Youth of Deen (YOD) Club and the Malay Cultural Society (MCS) of UOW Malaysia KDU on 8th of April 2022. It was conducted physically at the Student Accommodation Lobby, Glenmarie Campus from 6.30 PM to 9.30 PM. There were 120 participants who attended the event which consisted of both UOW Malaysia KDU students as well as the Student and Alumni Club (SAC).

This event is held to spread togetherness, happiness, and give individuals the experience of celebrating Iftar in Ramadan. Furthermore, the main objectives were to fundraise money to be given to the needy where all proceeds will go to Rumah Cahaya Kasih Bestari, to promote Malaysian culture during Ramadan, and to celebrate the Muslim’s holy month Ramadhan together with non-muslims students and staffs. The total donations that we successfully collected from the event was RM1,100.

The event started off with an opening speech and a brief explanation of the history of Ramadan Month to the audience by the emcees, Shaqereen Binti Muhammad Azhar along with Siti Nur Nisa Binti Rozunan that represented each club. Principal of Rumah Cahaya Kasih Bestari , Puan Nira participated as a special guest and made the event a resounding success. Moving forward, the event continued with the recitation of surah Al-Mulk by the Treasurer of MCS, Mohammad Affif Aieman while waiting to break-fast.

At the time of fast breaking, delicious foods were served to all. Main dishes such as Ayam Masak Merah, Daging Kurma, Nasi Briyani, Dalca, etc. were prepared and sponsored by SAC. Songs were also played during the eating session as entertainment while the people bonded with each other. Afterwards, they prayed Maghrib, Ishak and followed by Tarawih led by the President of YOD, Shafiq Imran. Ramadan decorations of fairy lights, candles, “pelita” and a backdrop that read “A Night for All” lit up the photobooth as students took pictures toward the end of the event.


2022年 4月 23日





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