Career Enhancement Series

By UOW Malaysia KDU

On the 4th of March, UOW Malaysia KDU organised a Career Enhancement Series conducted by the UOW Malaysia KDU Student &Alumni Centre. This series was held for approximately 2 hours with three different segments. The forum is designed for May internship students to help the students to gain knowledge about “Why Internship is Important; Turbocharged Start from Internship” and followed by an Internship Briefing by Ms. Azura from Student & Alumni Centre.

The session began with Vice President 1 of the Student Council, Aisyah Affan, giving her welcoming speech, followed by explaining the itinerary of the event and what this forum is about.

The event continued with a sharing session by Mr. Venon Tian by ZUS Coffee.

Mr Venon is a law graduate and currently the general manager of ZUS Coffee, a specialty coffee retail chain with a goal to consistently craft the best beverages for its customers, promising affordable prices. Mr. Venon has also been in the managerial roles across different industries such as retail, telecommunication, and investment. Mr. Venon is also a serial entrepreneur who founded eziPOD which is a 24-hour laundry locker service. During the session, Mr. Venon talked more on Why Internship is Important and how internships can bring a good future for students.

He also shared internship opportunities at his ZUS Coffee company with the students.

After Mr. Venon was done with his presentation and sharing, we opened for a questions-and-answers segment for the students to ask questions and gain better understanding of the topic shared and continued with a quick photo session.

Moving on, we also had Ms. Pennie Lim, a Bachelor of Business Administration graduate and currently the CEO of HOMA2u, a building materials company. Ms. Pennie started this business with the dream to make home renovation an affordable agenda. HOMA2u currently offers building material and home finishing products that focus on affordability and sustainability. She shared her company’s biggest milestone of securing RM2.4 million in funding with investment partner Quest Ventures Pte. Ltd, Scale Up Malaysia and Warisan.

During the session, Ms Pennie shared tips on how to get a “Turbocharged Start from Internship” and revealed internship opportunities at her company and the friendly working environment there.

After Ms. Pennie’s session, the student asked a few questions about internship applications at HOMA2u and sought tips on internship interviews. After the questions-and-answers segment, we proceeded with a quick photo session.

After the photo session, Ms. Azura from Student and Alumni Centre shared details on student internships, including the timeline and other necessary details. The students who will be going for internships asked many questions to get a better understanding of internships.


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