Career Engagement Series

By UOW Malaysia KDU

On the 23rd of February- 24th of February UOW Malaysia KDU organised a Career Engagement Series conducted by the UOW Malaysia KDU Student and Alumni Centre. The forum was designed to help students gain knowledge on whether if they should join a start-up or corporation, Digital Transformation of Operations Case Study, turning a hobby into a career and how additional skills can benefit our career, especially in start-ups.

There were four different speakers from various industry backgrounds such as Mr. Tai Hau, marketing director of Pott Glasses, an optical boutique store in Malaysia, founded by Mr. Tai Hau and partner back in 2015. It has an AR-powered virtual try-on service, where customers are able to preview how they look with glasses via a web browser on their phones or computers. He is also a graduate from National University of Singapore. The first idea of starting his own optical shop that offers a more diverse range of eyewear styles during a trip across Europe. Since then, his aim is to offer contemporary Asian fit glasses.

Mr. Yong Lin, CEO and Co-Founder of Kravve, a marketplace to empower local moms and pops to make a living selling food & groceries online. He is among the 30 Malaysian who is recognised internationally as a Gen.T Honouree Leaders of Tomorrow by Tatler Asia. Prior to Kravve, Mr. Yong Lin is a serial-entrepreneur who has two ventures, one of them was awarded Malaysian Startup of the Year 2014 by Vulcan Post. He is also a proud alumnus of University of Nottingham with a Honours Degree in Psychology.

Ms. Farah, the CEO of Dwebly Services. The 1st All-in-one Headless Commerce Solution provider, designs and develops software systems, websites and mobile apps to help SMEs digitise and market their products and services.

Last but not least, Mr. Vincent Low, Co-founder of Kantin Lab, a home-grown Malaysia snack company with the aim to bring to the market something that had emotional value. A graduate from Taylor’s College, in Bachelor of Arts (BA), Communication and Media Management.

Aisyah Affan, Vice President 1 of Student Council UOW Malaysia KDU, said, “I am amazed with the speaker’s experiences and knowledge that they had in the corporate world transitioning to starting their own business. I also liked how Mr. Vincent also shared that in order to determine our career path, we must know what our goals and passions are. He also mentioned that we have to get comfortable with being uncomfortable in order to be successful in our future as sometimes we have to get out of our comfort zone. Furthermore, I am amazed with the experiences Ms. Farah had transitioned from working for other companies into starting her own startup. Adding to that, all speakers also mentioned that as we are still students, this is the best time to start exploring your future career and start planning from now. This forum has given me a lot of motivation to start to plan my future career and consider starting my own startup. ”

Yong Wenqi from Diploma in Communication and Media also said the event is good and quite interactive. “The content is good and really useful for me to plan my future career.”


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