Teh Veron


“Having the opportunity to work overseas in Japan, I owe it all to UOW Malaysia KDU Penang University College for the opportunity to apply for this job. During my time with the institution, I have picked up some essential skills, like communication, teamwork, presentation skills, which were vital skills to have in my career.”

“Majoring in Bachelor of Science and Computing Studies, I find the lectures here easy to understand and practical. Also, I had the chance to hone my critical thinking skills while working on different kinds of assignments during each semester; I also enjoy working with my teammates and tackling problems together as a team.”

“By the time I set foot into the real world, I was fully equipped with relevant skills to face different obstacles in the IT industry. Despite working as a software engineer in a foreign country and where everyone communicates in Japanese, I find the programming skills that I’ve learned back in my university years to be of great value in IT development and translations.”

“My four years at UOW Malaysia KDU Penang University College was worthwhile. I definitely wouldn’t have chosen anywhere else to study.”

Neoh Chee Ping


“I had a great 5 years in UOW Malaysia KDU Penang University College. First, I started my tenor as a Diploma student, then as a bachelor’s degree student there. The facilities, the lecturers, the supports from clubs, society and student service are all remarkable. You’ll never have to worry at all if you went in alone or even if you’re there as a foreigner because UOW Malaysia KDU will you feel like at home.”

“What I have learned in UOW Malaysia KDU has prepared me for the real world. The experiences shared by the lecturers, the topics that we learned and studied, it’s been very practical and valuable. What I was taught had helped me to overcome challenges and obstacles in the workplace. The lessons were not just theories but it is very practical as you step into real society. Even until today, as a branch manager of a big organization, I would still refer back to some of the notes that I’ve taken in class.”

“Now that I’m in the 7th years of my career, I am filled with deep gratitude for I was able to experience a good education and were given great opportunities. I realized that there are many out there who may not be as lucky as me. I want to create great opportunities for them as well. I hope to share my story and inspire more youngsters out there, regardless of who they are so that they would learn to explore solutions and see hope in the challenges that they are facing. Through my mentoring and motivation, I hope I can make a difference in their lives.”

Yeoh Ru Sern


“What I loved most about studying in UOW Malaysia KDU Penang is the students’ accessibility to the lecturers. The lecturers here had a cordial relationship with the students, their doors were always open for consultation. They are very supportive and we can speak to them whenever they are available. I believe this kind of student-lecturer relationship is truly valuable. Being in UOW Malaysia KDU Penang also comes with many other exciting opportunities, for example, I was able to participate in various competitions. These experiences that I have gained from participating in the activities were priceless and have broadened my horizons.”

“Even while I was a student in UOW Malaysia KDU Penang, I was given an in-depth exposure and industry knowledge in the field of engineering. These exposures across disciplines and the practical experiences that I’ve gained while completing the course projects have been a boon to my career. It helped me in my R&D work, it also prepared me when I ventured into unfamiliar territories in engineering.”

Ru Sern now serves as the Head of R&D for Estek Automation, an innovative Vision and handling system provider based in Penang. He now hopes to share his journey and experiences from university to career life with the new students or even potential students.

“I hope to share my experiences and provide guidance to the new students and my juniors. Besides providing consultation on engineering projects, I am now getting myself more involved in community-based learning projects. It is my deep desire to invest my time in bridging the gap between the academia and industry, to help produce highly skilled and learned engineering students that ever-ready for the job.”

Harmesh Kumar


“The learning experience in UOW Malaysia KDU was remarkable! Everything was available for us as students, to give us the greatest comfort and the best learning experience. I still remember how all my lecturers were very supportive, I could even speak to them whenever they were available. And thanks to their constant feedback and unwavering support for me, I could understand better and achieved good academic results.”

“When I enrolled in UOW Malaysia KDU Penang University College, I did not realize how much this program would change my life’s trajectory, it turned out to be one of my life’s best decisions. The education and knowledge I gained here had given me an unfair advantage and accelerated growth in my career. I was given exposure across all disciplines and industry knowledge in the field of IT Software Development and IT Service Management while completing the course. These practical experiences became a pillar of success in my career. The Computer Studies program in UOW Malaysia KDU is relevant and caters to what the IT Industry needs.”

“Now as a Service Delivery Manager, I hope to give back to society not just through monetary means, but also through providing IT knowledge and skill training to the less fortunate. I also believe that we should prepare the new joiners for the Industry Revolution 4.0 by intentionally helping them to upgrade their skills. As the IT industry is now taking a more prominent role in this fast-paced, disruptive, and exponentially changing world, we should train them to become competent in this brave new world.”

Shurain A/L K.Nageswaran


The reason contributed to his choice of joining UOW Malaysia KDU is because he interested in the program offered by UOWMalaysia KDU back then as a student. During Shurain’s college days, he was the President of the UOW Malaysia KDU Indian Culture Society. The fondest memories studying at UOW Malaysia KDU is when he was the President of the Indian Culture.

As a student, he studied telecommunication and computer engineering, with this experience and the dedicated lecturers at UOW Malaysia KDU the program supported him a lot in his current career, in a multinational leading telco company here, in Malaysia.

“My friends and the institution taught me to be independent,” said Shurain when asked on how UOW Malaysia KDU influenced his passion in life. He would love to contribute back to the UOW Malaysia KDU community in guiding and mentoring the students.

Shurain’s words of wisdom that inspire and motivate him in life – “If It’s to be, it’s up to me”

Sasha Mohd Saidin



作为一名艺人,Sasha从小就离开学校。20多岁时,她报读了伯乐学府。她向自己发誓,在经历了一段“空白年”之后,她会重新开始学习。果然经过10年的努力,她终于在伯乐学府取得了工商管理的文凭,并以优异的成绩考取了她所选择的英国东安格利亚大学(University of East Anglia)。最后她成功的考取了工商信息系统学士学位。




Lee Yi Loong


“Back in 2000, right after my diploma graduation, I worked as a maintenance technician in Motorola Penang with plans to further my education. Initially, I was offered to complete my degree course at a local university, but upon my friend’s recommendation, I decided to apply for UOW Malaysia KDU Penang University College instead.”

“The Bachelor Degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering that I had obtained in UOW Malaysia KDU has launched me into an Engineer career in for Multinational Corporations (MNC). The lectures that we learned in UOW Malaysia KDU was not just mere theories but it is very practical and relevant to the industrial needs today. The positive attitude and technical knowledge that I have gained from my time in UOW Malaysia KDU Penang University College had led me to become the Manufacturing Director in Vitrox Corporation Malaysia today.”

“Now as a Manufacturing Director, I am constantly looking for great talents and desire to create more job opportunities for the next generation. I too have interviewed and hired many graduates even those who are from UOW Malaysia KDU Penang University College.”

Vincent Leong Wai Shun





我完成了电脑学士学位课程,这是英国林肯大学(University of Lincoln)和伯乐槟城大学学院联合授予的双学位课程,而后伯乐学府把我介绍给英国的普利茅斯大学(Plymouth University)。

我在伯乐大学没有受到任何的歧视。相反的,我在课堂上经历了非常有趣和难忘的课程,因为多数的讲师是有关领域的专家和企业人物。除了专注在课本或课堂上的成果,我觉得槟城伯乐学府还传授学生如何创业。身为Cortex Investment Holding, Cortex Robotics和Cortex Imaging Sdn. Bhd的首席执行官,我必须保证我的公司成功且创造可观的利润。


Penny Ching



Nurul Syahira Binti Zamre


Nurul graduated with first class honour’s degree and was awarded with Industry Award of Excellence in Creativity by XENO (formerly known as Paranormal Group Asia) in recognition of her outstanding achievement in the program and for displaying a high level of creativity and implementing ideas in an innovative way.

“The whole campus environment is graced with beautiful landscapes, picturesque design and buildings, the views are photo worthy of Instagram. Aside from the beautiful environment, the lecturers here are very helpful to students, I literally enjoyed my time at UOW Malaysia KDU, and I still do. Every now and then I would still drop by for a visit and just to meet with my juniors and lecturers, and everyone who has helped me throughout my time at UOW Malaysia KDU.”

While being a student here, Nurul served as one of UOW Malaysia KDU Student Ambassador and also represented the institution on various events and programs, both internally and externally. These programs include weekly volunteering with Institute Onn Jaafar teaching underprivileged communities near Chow Kit area, TnX50 Malaysia’s Development Showcase on technology, science and community, she also involved in raising awareness with The Star R.AGE sexual predator’s case to the higher authorities of Malaysia. Nurul served as a female emcee and talent for UOW Malaysia KDU University College and partners.

“Today, I am a writer, a freelance voice-over artist, model, journalist and a general manager for a non-profit organisation called Al-Hasan Volunteering Network. But I have also committed my time and energy to speak about my UOW Malaysia KDU experience to any potential students, to any current students or even to those who are still undecided on where they plan to further their studies. UOW Malaysia KDU is the place of great experiences, great opportunities, great learning processes, and great memories that I will cherish always”


John Kevin Navoa


Inspired by his cousins, John Kevin Navoa chose to study in UOW Malaysia KDU. “It was the main reason I wanted to go there so badly. My cousins descripted in detail about their fantastic lecturers and even more, the well-known culinary school itself.

His most memorable memory was being the only Filipino student in his class. This encouraged him to learn more about the Malaysian culture, especially its variety of food. “I enjoyed both learning the local culture and teaching bits and pieces of the Filipinos to my peers”.

One of his memories were his internship in Dewakan; a restaurant located inside UOW Malaysia KDU itself. With the fusion of two Malay words for “god” and “food”, Dewakan is known to be the modern appreciation of the abundance that this land is blessed with. Upon completion of his internship, he continued working as a part timer for this outstanding restaurant. John recalled of Chef Darren who was still a lecturer at that point of time. “From Dewakan, I learned to be professional by following high standards and never disregarding them for any reason. Upon completing my training under this high pressure and fast-paced environment, I was able to adapt in diverse areas,” he said.

According to John, UOW Malaysia KDU has influenced his culinary passion in life. “Our lecturers were committed about every lesson. Everything was on point and perfect. This slowly instill love for food in me. In time, I felt dedicated to make great food. In addition to that, our lecturers groomed us to communicate and move around professionally. However, the most important lesson learnt was to be able to adapt in different cultures.”

John would love to contribute back to the UOW Malaysia KDU community by making something out of himself, apply it in our cuisine and push the boundaries where no one has ever thought possible. He has applied everything he learned during his time spend in UOW Malaysia KDU and Dewakan. “If I become even more successful with my current endeavor, the credit would entirely go to the school and its lecturers. I hope this will encourage more students to enroll at UOW Malaysia KDU.”

Quay Cheng Yee


When I enrolled in Bachelor of Accounting (Hons), I had no idea what to expect. To be honest, all the journal entries, debits and credits were very primitive to me back then but after receiving immense guidance, patience, motivation and impeccable advices, I emerged as one of Top 10 finalists in the tax competition, an achievement I will always be eternally grateful for. UOW Malaysia KDU not only provides excellent education, it also urges students to strive for excellence. My education journey and student life at UOW Malaysia KDU has been very fulfilling and memorable because of the guidance and friendships that will last a lifetime.

She has emerged as one of the Top 10 finalists in the 2018 Ernst Young Tax Challenge is currently an employee at the prestigious and reputable audit firm, Ernst & Young.

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