Foo Lee Ying


I’m a UI designer from an indie Malaysian game company and have released multiple international games that have since won many awards locally and internationally alike. While studying in UOW Malaysia KDU as a student and now being a professional in the industry I quickly realised that there was a much needed space for marginalised folks who were working in games that gave me the push to start a community hangout called WiGout for women and underrepresented folks in games based in KL. It has since grown slowly and maintained a safe place for folks who work in games. All this could not be possible if I did not choose to pursue games as a career and as a degree UOW Malaysia KDU gave me the opportunity to pursue that. Kaigan Games is one of the leading indie game developers in South East Asia. Over the past 6 years, their games like Sara is Missing and SIMULACRA, has garnered over 7 international awards, millions of downloads with and a growing Discord fanbase with more than 10,000 members. Their game SIMULACRA won the Best Mobile Game, Indie Prize USA 2018; and the Excellence in Storytelling, International Mobile Game Awards SEA.

Mohd Azuan Shah Bin Yaakap


“As a part-time student, working and studying can be a challenge, but overall, it was a fun and meaningful experience. The friendships that I have fostered with my classmates, lecturers, and university staff have remained strong until today.”
“To have obtained a degree from a well-recognized institute like UOW Malaysia KDU has definitely to my favour, especially in helping me climb the corporate ladder. Yet, the most crucial takeaway from my years studying in this institution is the opportunity to interact with my classmates from different generations, social backgrounds, and cultures on the same platform through group assignments, presentations, or just by being in the same class. It helps me to see things from a different higher perspective. As a Manager, this helps me a lot in showing empathy to all kinds of people in the workplace. It also helped me to bridge the gap between and effectively connect with my younger peers and subordinate.”
“The knowledge gain in UOW Malaysia KDU has helped me to stay agile and relevant in the fast-paced, ever-changing, dynamics industry. I had heavily involved in spearheading a few start-ups that focus on building RF/EMC test /certification facilities for companies like PSDC, Bose, Flex, as well as Motorola (where I am currently working at).”
“PSDC, is now Keysight’s EMC lab, also Malaysia’s one and only 10m Semi Anechoic chamber. These certification facilities help to bring in more development and research work to Malaysia as we try to move away from manufacturing and delivering higher-value output.”

Dexter Tam Rong Zheng


Studying in UOW Malaysia KDU Game Development course have been a steppingstone in my journey of creating games. Spending my days to learn the craftmanship of game design really helped me get into my current company, Metronomik, which also wants to nurture the game industry in Malaysia. The lecturers, despite their stream or profession, are very helpful to shape my view on how to face working industry and grind us to understand how game development works. It is a pleasure to work with the lecturers and student in the course. Metronomik is a video game company founded in 2017 by FFXV lead game designer, Wan Hazmer and Daim Dziauddin, Concept Artist of Street Fighter V. Metronomik have developed their first PS4 & PC game, No Straight Roads which has won the Asia Grand Jury Award (2018)Level Up KL Southeast and Tokyo Game Show Indie Excellence Award (2018).

Raymond Tham


Raymond 对糕点有份特殊的喜爱。虽然在伯乐学府完成了酒店管理的课程,再以优异的成绩在英国考取了工商管理荣誉学位。但是,基于对糕点的热情使他获得了奖学金进入攻读其中一所世界著名的烹饪学院。

Raymond和我们分享了他在英国当了5年学徒和工作的经验。这段经历使他在糕点创作艺术方面奠下了扎实的技能。其中一个里程碑是分别为美食作家Tom Parker Bowles的婚礼,以及康沃尔公爵夫人卡米拉的儿子婚礼庆典上制作甜点。众多成就中,比如成为百幕大(Bermuda)南安普顿费尔蒙特酒店的主厨。不过,他最后还是决定返回马来西亚大展身手。

Raymond选择加入伯乐学府展开其执教生涯。在接受挑战教导糕点、巧克力和糖果长达3年的日子里,他为伯乐学府赢得了FHA & HOFEXO大赛的铜牌和银牌。他也担任了百乐嘉利宝亚太区(Barry Callebaut Asia Pacific)技术顾问,主要职责包括为百乐嘉利宝、嘉利宝、思高和塞尔伯恩等的美食品牌进行展示和培训。Raymond也是吉隆坡Fraser Place 的Skillet@163餐厅的主厨。

在短短的2年时间里,Skillet餐厅赢得了一些荣誉,包括获得Timeout KL评为2015年最佳欧洲餐厅,2016年被Expatriate Lifestyle评为最佳独立餐厅,以及赢得Tripadvisor旅游网站就吉隆坡周围三千家餐厅中评选为前10排名。

Lee Jia Ying (Jessica)


“I find studying at UOW Malaysia KDU Penang University College to be a culturally inclusive learning environment. I was exposed to wonderful different cultures here, I learned to appreciate and learn from people who are of different ethnic background and nationality. For example, I had classmates who came from Mongolia, I have learned so much about their culture and language.”

“I came to the institution an awkwardly shy person, but UOW Malaysia KDU Penang University College had transformed me into a confident woman who is not even afraid of networking with strangers.”

“Aside from my responsibilities as Finance and Human Resources Manager, I provide counseling to many of the employees who are demoralized in their work inside and outside of my organization. I believe it is very rewarding when we choose to serve others and help them through their difficulties.”

Jessica now serves as the Finance and Human Resources Manager in Arrowood International Sdn Bhd, a leading hotel consultancy and management in Malaysia, and has transformed hotels into profitable revenue-generating businesses.

Tang Xue Ying


One thing that I have come to appreciate about UOW Malaysia KDU is its commitment to the holistic well-being of the students. UOW Malaysia KDU is not just here to ensure students continue to achieve academic excellence, but also to keep providing activities, events, and competitions that will help students develop life skills and discover new talents within themselves. With the holistic student experience here, graduates leave with not just outstanding academic results but also a wealth of competent life skills guaranteeing they will dominate in the working world.

As an A-Level student, I believe time management skills is a crucial skill to have. But, do not forget to enjoy your campus life in UOW Malaysia KDU, remember to make the most out of your time here. This is a safe environment to grow, to learn, and to fail. Overall, my experience with UOW Malaysia KDU has been truly remarkable.

Bea Jia Hui


“Overall, my experiences in UOW Malaysia KDU were terrific. The people here were friendly and always ready to help you with any doubts or problems you may have. I enjoy the lectures, as our lecturers are constantly finding a fresher way to conduct the classes. It was fresh, exciting, and insightful, such as outdoor classes (filmmaking), live performances, and live radio sessions.”

“These are all unforgettable experiences that I gained. It has also helped build my confidence, overcoming many hurdles while handling my work. Most importantly, I had a good time whilst undertaking my diploma and degree studies in UOW Malaysia KDU.”

“The Media Production program here has broadened my career choices, as the courses here prepares you in both practical (filmmaking) skills and the academic (theory) aspects.”

“Apart from that, UOW Malaysia KDU instilled in us the value of adaptability in learning different skillsets, the education environment here has made us more versatile and adaptable. For example, I was taught a broad range of skillsets and disciplines, from desktop publishing to animations, to copywriting, to camera production, and so much more. By having all these different skill sets, it has given me higher prospects during job applications.”

“My journey along this path has just begun and I only just made a dent. I do hope that I have helped my clients, customers and employers reach their corporate communication and advertising goals effectively. With the fast changing and somewhat volatile business climate of today, I am also learning that communication roles are going to change and I aim to be at the forefront of that evolution as it happens.”

Maximizing her knowledge and talent, Jia Hui now serves as the Communication Coordinator in Global Communications in Tencent Holdings Ltd.

Adrian Praveen


“Studying at UOW Malaysia KDU Penang University College has been an amazing experience. In a nutshell, the lecturers are very experienced and the facilities are top-notch!”

“UOW Malaysia KDU Penang University College has laid a very good foundation for me. What I had learned here has enabled me to climb the corporate ladder way faster than other fresh graduates. I achieved my goal in a very short time, by 2016, I was one of the youngest Director of Sales & Marketing in the industry.”

“My current passion is to help those in the hospitality industry as many employees and employers are heavily impacted by the pandemic. Now, we are actively providing free counseling to those who have lost their jobs and vigorously connecting with them to a suitable placement smoothly within the industry.”

“UOW Malaysia KDU Penang University College has taught me to be adaptable in the hospitality industry and be a problem solver. I am very optimistic and believe we truly can empower more employees and future staff to thrive even in this time of crisis.”

Adrian Praveen is the CEO of Arrowood International Sdn Bhd, a leading hotel consultancy and management in Malaysia, and has transformed both franchised and independent hotels into profitable revenue-generating businesses.

Christy Ng Chew Wei


Christy’s passion to pursue studies in the communication field, and UOW Malaysia KDU is well known for their communication program. “UOW Malaysia KDU is an industryoriented and handson institution, that prepare students for the real world, compared to other institution that mainly focuses on examinations. Therefore, this is why I joined UOW Malaysia KDU”.

The fondest memories Christy had was when she was with the student council and cheerleading team. “The people I met and hang out with, made me enjoy my 4 years of college life, whether it is during classes or during the events that I participated in.

According to Christy, she gained a lot of experience from the events that she planned and took part in, experience that can’t be taught during classes. “In addition, the Student and Alumni Centre gave me the opportunity to be part of the events, grooming me to plan events. When I finally step into the working world, during my internships period or as a career as a whole, it was easier for me to adapt easily to the real world, as I was already familiar and groomed during my time at UOWMalaysia KDU”.

UOW Malaaysia KDU influenced her passion in life by nurturing and teaching her things that is not taught in classrooms. I learnt to think on the pathway that I would like to lead my life, just not thinking but also to execute it properly, so that I meet my goals. It also influenced me to have anentrepreneurship mindset”.

“If I had a chance to contribute back to my alma mater, I would like to start with a sharing session on my experience as an alumni to new students whenever needed.”

Christy shared her words of wisdom that inspired and motivatedher life, “Every day is a fashion show, and the world is your runway. Make it worthwhile! Every day is a learning process. Keep learning. Never stop learning!”

Gabriel Lau Chi Wen


“My neighbor was a student of UOW Malaysia KDU and spoke highly of it. I took her word and never looked at other institutions when I planned my tertiary education,” said Gabriel when asked on why he chose to study at UOW Malaysia KDU.

Gabriel has a few fond memories that he still remembers up till today. He made new friends and the things they did on campusare still fresh in his mind. Talking about how UOW Malaysia KDU has been able to add value in his present career, Gabriel mentioned that being a graduate of UOW Malaysia KDU gave him the confidence and allowed him to grow professionally.Gabriel’s passion for teaching was very much due to the experience he had working with his classmates in solving the challenging group assignments and projects during his time in UOW Malaysia KDU.

Gabriel is now training UOW Malaysia KDU students of today who will be leaders of tomorrow, and he shares his words of wisdom for other students to look up to, “Don’t steal or cheat,always have Integrity in your workplace”.

Tan Chee Leong


“UOW Malaysia KDU is great environment to study. It is an institution with great facilities, like the computer lab, a vibrant canteen, gym, and there is even a huge hall space to showcase our design works.”

“I remember how our department admin, Charmaine, was always so helpful to us, making sure we are up-to-date with our courses, schedules and even our results. I also had fond memories of amazing lectures by Ms. Sharon. She was very experienced and insightful, I learned so much about Architecture’s history. The lectures in UOW Malaysia KDU always inspired me to want to serve people better.”

“If our design doesn’t serve people better nor improve their lives, we are doing it wrong. UOW Malaysia KDU has taught me to identify and put our clients’ desires and needs first. To design with a purpose, to move people’s lives better. Whether it is incorporating the latest tech, or improving their storage, or space planning, we need to remember to help make people’s lives better. As ‘form follows function, [therefore] design with purpose’”

Tan Chee Leong is the Design Director of Inspace Design Lab.

Law Yee Tee


“I had a great experience during my time in UOW Malaysia KDU Penang University from the year 1997 to 2001. I had the privilege of witnessing the relocation of our campus from Esplanade Penang to Jalan Anson (Georgetown Campus). During that time, I also served as the computer lab assistant, helping UOW Malaysia KDU Penang University to set up the computer lab on Georgetown Campus. Through that, I was able to apply what I had learned from my Computing and Information System course.”

“Even though my career today does not reflect entirely to the discipline of my Computing and Information System degree, but what I learned in UOW Malaysia KDU is priceless and had provided me a very strong foundation for my career in the IT field. The knowledge I gained from the institution has helped me to perform exceedingly well in several fields like Information Technology related, Sales, Business Development, Product Invention, and even Customer Management.”

“With a strong foundation from UOW Malaysia KDU and several years of working experience, I was even able to further my education and obtained an MBA. Today, I serve as the CEO of NLYTECH Group which I founded in 2012. Currently, NLYTECH Group consists of several businesses in various types of solutions like Electronics Manufacturing solution, Automation, Information Technology, Bio-Technology, and Food Manufacturing. NLYTECH Group has an establishment in various countries as well as Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, and China.”

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