Sean-Li Murmann


I have been working with Streamline Studios and Streamline Games for over 4 years now and in my time there I had the opportunity to work on fantastic projects such as Final Fantasy XV, Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts and lead the development on Bake ‘n Switch. I started in Streamline Studios as an intern as I graduated from the Game Development Program. The 3 years in UOW Malaysia KDU were certainly busy and challenging at times. However, I am very grateful for the lecturers that taught, encouraged, and nurtured me, as well as my classmates that supported me during my time in UOW Malaysia KDU’s Game Development Program. They have all helped me get to where I am today. Our connections to UOW Malaysia KDU’s Game Development Program are still cherished today as we are constantly searching for fresh talent to join our growing studio. Founded in 2001 in Netherlands, Streamline Studios is one of the most experienced and tenured Co-Development studios worldwide. In December 2010, Streamline Studios opened its new production office in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, where it currently runs operations. Streamline Studios has worked on games such as Final Fantasy XV, Street Fighter V and BioShock Infinite. Streamline Studios has offices in Las Vegas, Tokyo, and Kuala Lumpur.

Jack Ong Wei Liang


Without the efforts of my lecturers who guided me and provided opportunities to meet up with other game developers in Malaysia, I would not have gotten the chance of laying my first game programming job in Passion Republic, a reputable game development company in Malaysia. I feel very grateful for how UOW Malaysia KDU Game Development Programme prepared me for my career in terms of both my technical and soft skills. The learning experiences I gained from this programme have reflected heavily on my working experience, and I have adapted well with the company since my employment. Because of this programme, I have had a pleasant experience working as a competent game developer who gets to express my passion in making games. Passion Republic was involved in the development of Sucker Punch’s Ghost of Tsushima. The studio has previously worked on other major titles in the past, including The Last Of Us Part 2, Gears 5, Marvel’s Spider-Man, Uncharted 4 and more.

Jessica Lai


“Deciding to pursue my tertiary education at UOW Malaysia KDU University College was definitely a choice well-made. Just like most people, I had no idea what I am going to do after graduating high school, I was introduced to UOW Malaysia KDU by my brother who was studying in the institution back then. It was a time of exploration and discovery for me, both on a personal and intellectual level.”

“The competent lecturers and great systems within campus provided me with a platform for proper guidance. Graduating from UOW Malaysia KDU not only equipped me with knowledge and communication skills to carry forward in both my career and life today, but it also gave me memorable memories with my classmates as we would study, eat, and being mischievous together. I will always remember the UOW Malaysia KDU Cafeteria where we would hang out between classes.”

Jessica has been instrumental to the growth of Aspen Group, Penang-based property development and real estate investment group, where she now serves as the Divisional Director, Group Human Resource & Administration Division.

“The role of Human Resource in planning and driving the strategic growth of an organization is as important as technology or business leadership. In my role, I am required to assist the company in paving the way for strategic growth across decisions and sustain the right conversations with other leaders to carve out an intelligent path for a promising future for co-workers. A HR professional adds value to the business, not only through sourcing and recruiting the best talent, but by supporting co-workers, creating a great co-worker culture, and looking at ways to make a positive difference in the workplace. That is why I love working in HR.”

Hani Farhana (Hunny Madu)


在白沙罗万达镇国民型中学完成大马初教育级文凭后, Hani或名Hunny Madu,一名电视主持人兼说唱歌手,因多才多艺而闻名马来西亚娱乐圈。Hunny表示,她经常在开车经过伯乐学府。有一天,她突然心血来潮决定去了解所提供的课程。她说:“我去了其他大学询问,但我觉得伍伦贡(马)伯乐学府和珀斯有一个很好的双联课程。我还认识一些从伯乐转学到澳洲莫道克大学(Murdoch University)完成学位的大四学生。他们都表示在伯乐体验了一段很棒的经历。” Hunny很高兴自己最终选择了伯乐。因为她觉得伯乐从一开始就认可了她的才华。

当问及在伯乐学府的最难忘回忆时,她说 :“我有很多美好的回忆。我在这儿参加了我的第一个说唱乐队,主持了我的第一次活动和演出,遇到了很多志同道合的人,还有在大学也认识了很多好朋友。我也结交了其他选修工商和传媒的同学,甚至是讲师。” Hunny还记得当年在校举办了一场嘻哈音乐会,那是她第一次看到Teh Tarik Crew(当地嘻哈组合艺人)表演,而Mizz Nina(前音乐家、创作歌手、舞者和说唱歌手)在台上说唱。“她是当时唯一一位活跃的说唱女歌手,她无疑给了我灵感,”Hunny说。

她记得讲师Mr Sham对她说:“你天生就是做广播的料。我希望你毕业后去实现它。”


Matthew Pragasam


“My journey with UOW Malaysia KDU took place from January of 2012 to November 2015. I graduated in Diploma student in Engineering but decided to stay on with the institution to obtain my bachelor’s in Electrical & Electronics Engineering. I started out struggling in the courses, learning to persevere through. But as I came to the very last semester of the program, I’d realised developed a deep passion and love for Engineering.”

“UOW Malaysia KDU’s School of Engineering has helped me to discover my passion. Here I was equipped to become a curious learner and a problem solver. I applied these skills to every negotiation, every business, partnerships, and even conversations. Constantly identifying the scope of problems and determining the objectives accurately.  I would try to solve the problems with variables with which I know and what I can control.”

“Upon graduation, I joined Intel as a software engineer. My responsibilities include complex software development and managing my team across different geo-locations. I also worked in Silicon Valley, winning two corporate awards, and even completing my post-graduate program while being a full-time software engineer.”

Matthew founded and currently serves as the director for Ninebright Group Sdn. Bhd. and Paymate Technology Sdn. Bhd. He is was awarded the Adjunct Professor (2018-2019) Award by Shanghai University school of MBA.

Benny Chan Beng Lee


I spent 3 years in UOW Malaysia KDU’s Bachelor of Game Development (Hons) program learning and growing as a game designer. It helped enable my curiosity to deconstruct games and recreate new ones with different experiences and mechanics.  I founded my own game company Cellar Vault Games with my course mates, and we used the same principles to tell compelling story games which are then infused with our Malaysian culture and experiences. Since releasing several games including our newest one – 7PM I have still a lot to learn and will be continuing to further my curiosity in game design and games as a career. Cellar Vault Games is a small Indie game dev team base in Malaysia.

Moses Gerard


I am working as a nurse in the Medical Ward of one of the NHS Trust Hospitals in London, UK. I graduated from UOW Malaysia KDU in 2012 with a Diploma in Nursing and recently in 2019, I had graduated with a Masters in Nursing from a UK university.

Many changes have happened in the hospital where I work since this pandemic. The ward that I was working in had to be converted to a COVID ward so as to prepare for the influx of COVID-19 patients. My existing team of ward staff quickly worked together to make this new environment where we all had to wear full PPE as comfortable as possible for all of us to work with. There was also a period where my ward was closed for disinfecting and I was then sent to other wards for over a month. It was amazing to see everyone working together although it was a very scary and tense period especially having to hear and read daily the heart breaking news of nursing staff all around UK dying from COVID-19. Throughout this time, I persevered to do my job to the best of my ability, ensuring first that the infected patients were all well taken care of and taking COVID-19 swabs frequently. On top of that I also had to deal with patients on ventilators when I was attached to the Respiratory Ward.

What I found most challenging during this pandemic was not knowing exactly how dangerous this virus is yet having to treat it. Even more troubling and challenging was reading news of medical staff and frontliners dying from being infected while caring for and treating COVID-19 patients. It was depressing to think of all the healthcare workers who were sacrificing their lives for their patients while leaving their loved ones behind, anxious and waiting for them to come home.

One of the most frightening things I experienced during this pandemic was seeing more patients die from breathing issues especially among the elderly and seeing it happen so fast. Seeing that, I knew that I had to be even more vigilant and observant in my nursing skills as I work alongside the team of doctors.

Throughout this pandemic and very challenging time, the one thing I am truly thankful for is the support from my family and girlfriend despite them worrying about my health and safety.

Rachel Leow Jia Syuen


I graduated from UOW Malaysia KDU Penang University College, School of Nursing and Allied Health (formally known as KDU College (PG) Sdn. Bhd.) in 2016. I am currently working as a registered nurse in a hospital in Singapore and am attached to the Isolation Ward.

As a nurse, I observed a massive influx of admission during the COVID-19 outbreak. The screening as well as the security measures taken by the hospital have also been tightened up. Patients become anxious once they are isolated in the Isolation Ward and keep asking the nurses if they are COVID positive. My job as a nurse is to remain calm, confident and most of all reassuring as I need to give the patients the correct information such as how to practice good hand hygiene and to wear the full PPE. I also assist the doctors in collecting samples from patients for COVID-19 testing. We work as a team and look out for each other in the Isolation Ward.

During this period of COVID-19, what I found most challenging other than work was not being able to go back home to Malaysia to be with my family or even to meet my elder sister who also works in Singapore. Thankfully, we can all still communicate through video chats as a family. I am so very grateful for all the encouragement and support shown to me by my family to help me get through this challenging time especially when the COVID-19 outbreak just started.

Another thing that has helped me to pull through is that I try to maintain a positive attitude. In addition I feel so much happiness whenever I get to discharge a patient who has recovered from COVID-19.  It is at these times that I feel very useful to society and am really proud to be able to so my part to help. Without a doubt, COVID-19 has been a real wake-up call for everyone everywhere. This past few months will indeed be one of my most cherished nursing experiences

Lim Hui Shin


Aside from feeling incompetent for the job, I was feeling emotional stress and anxious knowing that we are the frontline workers, which also means we could at anytime be in close contact with a positive COVID-19 patient. Knowing that we are here to take care of the patients, helping them to recover so that they can be united with their loved ones again. This has become a great motivation and drive for me as we worked around the clock in the SHDU.

This is an unprecedented time as many would say, effective communication within the hospital, the information and updates need to be very clear, timely, and accurate. It is mandatory for us as nurses to update the spokespersons daily on the patients’ progress and recovery. We are also here to provide emotional support and be empathetic to the COVID-19 patients. The patients will not see their loved ones physically until they are discharged. Therefore, it is our responsibility to ensure they are taken care of emotionally as well.

There is a silver lining behind this dark cloud; there are blessings found even during this challenging time of COVID-19. First, I experienced tremendous love and support from my own family while being in the frontline. Second, I have a deeper understanding and appreciate all the frontliners around the world who committed to overcoming this pandemic. I now see being a nurse as a great calling, and I do believe nurses play a cardinal role in the healthcare industry. When it comes to saving lives, nurses do not play second fiddle.

Yes, I believe over the years the role of nursing has been underappreciated. But thankfully, we are seeing a great shift. The public is now a lot more aware on the contribution and the vital role of the nurses. In fact, many news articles today have attributed the nurses to be a pivotal role in the patients’ recovery journey.

I am truly humbled by the growing changed of perspective towards nurses. Even in this COVID-19 pandemic, we are noticing how society and school leavers now are viewing nursing as a very noble and respected profession.

Ooi Fang Yeow


“My student life in UOW Malaysia KDU was enjoyable. I met a group of passionate people, skillful and dedicated lecturers. Overall, it is totally a fun experience to study in UOW Malaysia KDU. Again, the lecturers here are amazing, they are great communicators and very patient with us making sure we truly understand the lectures. I’m glad that I am a UOW Malaysia KDU students.”

“I would say UOW Malaysia KDU is an institution with a complete facility and top-notch education system. That’s why I was able to complete my study smoothly here. I also met my mentor here at UOW Malaysia KDU, he inspired me to pursue my dream and career. I always believe passion will overcome every hardship.”

“Since I started my interior design career, I always enjoy helping people bring their dream house or project to reality. The joy of creating beautiful and efficient space and place for the society, knowing that you are making people’s lives and their living space better is priceless.”

Fang Yeow is as the managing director of Vault Design Lab, a leading full-service interior design firm based in Penang, Malaysia.

Naeem Hussaini


“Studying at UOW Malaysia KDU was an amazing experience. For me, making new friends with people from different backgrounds been the highlight while studying here. I believe many of the great friendships fostered inside the campus environment could only happen here and not elsewhere. Not only were the lecturers here are fantastic, but the support staffs were very friendly and helpful to the students. I hope all the students here can enjoy their time at UOW Malaysia KDU just like I did. I wish UOW Malaysia KDU the very best and to all the students, the best of luck in your studies.”

Ryan Kwang Zheng Rasiah


If there is one thing I must commend this institution for, it would have to be the lecturers. Speaking for the A-Level Science course lecturers, i.e. physics, further maths, maths, and chemistry lecturers, they are all state of the art, top class, friendly, amazing people. These lecturers are fantastic people, and the impact they left in my life is priceless.

My lecturers not only dealt with my theatrical antics, but they always knew how to conduct the lectures in a very effective, interactive, and entertaining way. They made courses and subjects that would have been a snooze fest transforming it into one that kept me awake and attentive. Therefore, I respect my lecturers above all else, and I believe the lecturers here itself would be a good enough reason why anyone should consider studying in UOW Malaysia KDU. These lecturers are very dedicated to their work and their students: you can sense both their deep passion for their art and their love for students every time they teach.

I left UOW Malaysia KDU a proud and grateful graduate, thanks to the guidance and experience in UOW Malaysia, I ended up achieving three A* for my A-Level. Besides the support of my family, I believe the lecturers here have played a significant role in my excellent academic result. For those who are still considering whether to be enrolled in this institution, let me ensure you choosing UOW Malaysia KDU could be one of the best choices you could ever make in your life. My final encouragement to all future students is this: always learn to be aware of your strengths. Keep working on your weaknesses knowing whatever hardships you may face, and they are only temporary obstacles that will ultimately help you to grow both as a student and a human.

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