UOW Malaysia KDU is part of the University of Wollongong Australia’s global network, but has a long history of providing accessible, quality, tertiary education to Malaysia, and the surrounding regions, as it was previously known as KDU college and university colleges. UOW Global Enterprises, a wholly-owned subsidiary of University of Wollongong Australia, in September 2019 acquired the KDU institutions and following a process of transformation integrated them into the University of Wollongong Australia global network of campuses located in Australia, Dubai, Hong Kong, and now here in Malaysia.

Subsequently, in November 2019, the name of the college and university colleges were changed to reflect the stewardship of the University of Wollongong and they are now known as UOW Malaysia KDU. UOW plans to develop the UOW Malaysia KDU campuses at Glenmarie, George Town Penang, and Batu Kawan Penang into universities within the next five to seven years.  Both university colleges offer a full spectrum of programs, within a contemporary learning environment utilizing state-of-the-art facilities, from Foundation through to bachelor degrees and postgraduate programs. These include programs in hospitality, tourism and culinary arts, game development and computing, communications, creative arts, business, engineering and nursing.

The University of Wollongong is committed to becoming a pre-eminent provider of higher education in Malaysia. This commitment combines UOW’s internationally recognised teaching programs and personalised approach to students with its experience of operating for over 38 years in Malaysia, modern campuses and vibrant, industry-focused programs. UOW’s presence in Malaysia will benefit the wider region, by producing international student growth and industry-ready graduates.


  • 成立于1983年,是马来西亚私立教育的先驱,也是第一批在白沙罗再也拥有自己专用校园的私立学院之一。
  • 在美国学分转移计划下,首批学生转学到美国各地大学学院就读
  • 新校在学院内成立,并提供更多课程
  • 全国首家教育机构开设全日制特许公认会计师公会(ACCA)课程
  • 与Middlesex 工艺(Middlesex 大学)合作提供第一个海外双联课程
  • 槟城伯乐第二校区向第一批学生敞开大门,开展了新篇章。
  • 2010年首届布特拉品牌奖中荣获教育与学习组银奖。
  • 荣升“大学学院”地位
    • 伯乐大学学院是通过ISO 9001:2008,以及马来西亚多媒体超级走廊认证的教育机构。
    • 所提供的课程都经过教育部批准, 88.1%课程获得大马学术资格认定机构认证。



  • 马来西亚学术资格认定机构认证计划
  • 马来西亚多媒体超级走廊运营地位
  • ISO 质量认证
  • 马来西亚多媒体超级走廊认证
  • 中国大使馆认证
  • 高等教育部和内政部许可外国学生注册
  • 政府资助的学生
    • 国油 (Petronas)
    • 公共服务局国内 (JPA)
    • 马来西亚玛拉工艺大学 (MARA)
    • 森那美 (Sime Darby)

布特拉品牌奖 – 国民选择

  • 银奖
  • 教育与学习类别
  • 槟城伯乐学府荣获槟城市议会(MPSP)中小企业环保产业奖
  • 搬迁至其位于格林玛丽大学城的旗舰校区
  • 2015年CN 50学生选择奖
    • 马来西亚十大最受欢迎大学和学院
    • 学生和离校生通过全国调查投选


  • 槟城伯乐升格为大学学院
  • 在高等教育部的2014-2015年大马私立大学质量评估体系(MOHE_ MyQuest Audit 2014/2015)中,槟城伯乐荣获全能 6星级学院地位

2016 – 2017 BrandLaureate 最可持续品牌教育奖-私立大学学院类别

  • 布特拉品牌奖 – 国民选择
    • 铜奖
    • 教育与学习类别


  • 2017年The Edge (英文财经报)发展先锋奖
    • 2017年The Edge 大马房地产卓越奖组别之奖项
    • 认可伯乐学府为房地产开发商私立教育的先锋品牌


  • 2017年莎阿南低碳建筑奖
    • 莎阿南市议会(MBSA)认可
    • 商业和机构组别亚军
  • 布特拉品牌奖 – 国民选择
    • 铜奖
    • 教育与学习类别


  • 伯乐与澳大利亚伍伦贡大学的全资子公司UOW Global Enterprises建立战略合作伙伴关系
  • UOW Global Enterprises acquired the KDU enterprises
  • On 19th November 2019 the KDU institutions were rename UOW Malaysia KDU to reflect they are part of the University of Wollongong Australia Global Network


  • 星洲企业楷模奖 (SCBEA)
    • 教育业务可持续发展
    • 卓越教育机构:私立大学/学院
  • In January 2020 Batu Kawan Campus Penang operations commenced, bringing for the first time an international campus experience to Northern Peninsula Malaysia
  • UOW recognized in the QS Global Rankings as a top 1% university, being 196th globally in the 2021 rankings
  • In April 2021 Dual Awards with the University of Wollongong Australia launched in Business, Computer Science, and Software Engineering.