Dr Sim Hock Kheng

Email: hockkheng.sim@kdupg.edu.my

Dr Sim Hock Kheng is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Engineering, UOW Malaysia KDU Penang University College. Previously, he served as a Senior Lecturer and Programme Coordinator in a private university. He received his PhD in Mechanical Engineering from Multimedia University in 2015. He has published numerous books, international journals and conference papers in his research area.

Dr Sim has completed his supervision with five postgraduate students. His research interests mainly include Quality Costing, Six Sigma methodology and Supplier selection and evaluation. Over the years, he has engaged in various industrial related projects by improving the quality and manufacturing performances. He worked closely with the industry from time to time in order to bring quality and productivity improvement in the manufacturing and service industry. Dr Sim is also a PSMB certified trainer and have conducted several productivity related trainings to local and multinational corporations.

PhD (Engineering) Multimedia University, 2005-2015
Research Title: Decision Model for Imperfect Discrete Multistage Manufacturing and Assembly System Using Cost of Quality Approach

Master of Engineering (Engineering Management) Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, 2001-2002
Project Title: A case study of Equipment Management Using Total Productive Maintenance Approach in Switchgear Engineering Company

Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) in Mechanical – Industrial Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, 1996-2000

Year Title
2019 Book

Mazrina Mohamed Ibramsah, Suriati Zainal Abidin, H. K. Sim, M. H. Tan (2019), TRIZ Case Study: An Innovative Approach for Continuous Improvement in Small Medium Enterprises, Malaysia Productivity Corporation (MPC). 

2017 Journal

G.K. Aligula, C.K. Kok, H.K. Sim, (2017) “Driving quality in product development in a Malaysian optoelectronic firm”, International Journal of Lean Six Sigma, Vol. 8, No. 4, pp.482-498

2013 – 2012 Journal

K. Sim, and Z.X. Wong (2013), “Fuzzy Decision Tree Approach for Optimal Supplier Base”, Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vol. 315, pp. 283-287.

N. Jamil, R. Besar, H.K. Sim (2013), “A Study of Multicriteria Decision Making for Supplier Selection in Automotive Industry”, Journal of Industrial Engineering, Vol. 2013, Article ID 841584, 22 pages.

C.K. Kok, V.S.H. Yeo, and H.K. Sim (2012), “Quality Improvement for Wire Bond Strength within the Semiconductor Manufacturing Environment”, International Journal Six Sigma and Competitive Advantages, Vol. 7, No. 2/3/4, pp. 151-167.


M.K. Omar, H.K. Sim, and G.C. Lim (2012), “DMAIC Methodology for Fold Defect Reduction in the Optical Blank Industry”, in IEEE International Conference of Industrial Engineering & Engineering Management 2012 (IEEM 2012), Hong Kong, pp. 362-366.

2010 Conference

K. Sim, M.K. Omar, W.C. Chee, and N.T. Gan (2010), “A Survey on Supplier Selection Criteria in the Manufacturing Industry in Malaysia”, in The 11th Asia Pacific Industrial Engineering and Management Systems Conference & The 14th Asia Pacific Regional Meeting of International Foundation for Production Research (APIEMS 2010), Melaka, Malaysia.

K. Sim, M.K. Omar, and K.S. Wong (2010), “Simulation Modeling and Analysis for Assembly Process with Parallel Workstations”, in International Conference on Design and Concurrent Engineering 2010 (iDECON 2010), Melaka, Malaysia.

C.W. Eng, and H.K. Sim (2010), “Managing Quality Improvement using Six Sigma”, in 3rd Engineering Conference on Advancement in Mechanical and Manufacturing for Sustainable Environment (EnCon 2010), Sarawak, Malaysia.

2005 Book

Hairul Azhar b. Abdul Rashid, R. Logeswaran, K.N. Pau, and H. K. Sim (2005), Engineers in Society, Second Edition: McGraw-Hill.

2004 Book

Hairul Azhar b. Abdul Rashid, R. Logeswaran, K.N. Pau, and H. K. Sim (2004), Engineers in Society, First Edition: McGraw-Hill.

Research Grant

Title: Critical Performance Indices for Suppliers: A Supply Chain Management Approach
Duration:  2005 – 2007
Sponsors/Grant: Internal Grant
Amount: RM7,000

Industrial Linked Project

Adopting DMAIC for performance improvement in various manufacturing industries.
Critical success factor for supply chain management in SME: A case study.
An analysis of equipment maintenance management using total productive maintenance (TPM) approach.
Critical success factor for supply chain management in SME: A case study.
Determine optimal supplier base using fuzzy decision tree approach.
Design and Development of Thermal Interface Material (TIM)
Process improvement using TRIZ methodology

Internal / External Training

External Training

Year 2018, Outcome Based Education
Year 2018, 7QC Tools for Continuous Quality Improvement
Year 2018, Operations Management

Internal Training

Year 2017 – 19, Evaluation & Continuous Quality Improvement
Year 2017 – 19, Introduction to Outcome Based Education
Year 2018, Excel for Intermediate
Year 2016, ISO9001 Awareness Program

Master Thesis
Implementation of DMAIC Approach for Fold Reduction in the Optic Industry

Master Thesis
A Study of MCDM Methods for Supplier Selection in Automotive Industry

Master Thesis
Applying DMADV Methodology Towards Reducing Design and Development Time and Cost for s Small Form Factor Pluggable Module

Master Thesis
Wire Bonding Quality Improvement in End-of-Line process for an electronics packaging industry

Auditor for Engineering Technology Accreditation Council (ETAC)
Internal Auditor for ISO9001:2015.
TRIZ Level 1 & Level 2 Instructor
TRIZ Level 1, Level 2 & Level 3 Practitioner
Productivity Champion 2018-2019, by Malaysia Productivity Corporation (MPC)