Computing & Creative Media

Why choose Computing & Creative Media at UOW Malaysia KDU?

Computer Science innovation are a piece of pretty much everything that touches our lives from the automotive we drive, to the motion picture we watch, to the ways businesses and governments manage us. It is a necessity to understand diverse measurement of computing is part of the skill set for an educated person.  As we advance further in this hyper-connected world, digital literacy and technological knowledge becomes more a necessity than a simple advantage. We are witnessing technology which have been designed to mimic the way we think, imagine and create, permeate into our everyday activities. Understanding the interplay between computing and the highly immersive world of digital entertainment, UOW Malaysia KDU embodies the concept of ‘Technological Artistry’, an approach to merge creativity into technology, producing graduates who can bridge these two distinct disciplines that are in the forefront of innovation. Utilising a combination of strategic industry collaborations and academ­ic partnerships, UOW Malaysia KDU produce young computing and creative media talents that not only fulfil the needs of the industry, but help shape what it becomes in the future.