Why choose American Degree Transfer Program at UOW Malaysia KDU?

American Degree Transfer Program

Ever dream of studying abroad in the United States? If so, the American Degree Program, or more commonly known as ADP, may just be the thing for you!

What is ADP

The American Degree Program provides students a direct entry into a university degree course upon the completion of SPM or O-Levels. This means that students who enrol into ADP will be pursuing their degree right away after secondary school/high school. 

Most ADP programs in Malaysia are similar to UOW Malaysia KDU in that they provide students with a credit transfer option, where students can transfer to an affiliated university overseas (usually in the USA) to finish their degree after completing 1 or 2 years locally here in Malaysia. 

Why take ADP?

Upon completion of secondary school, you will have many options when it comes to tertiary education. Here are some reasons why you should consider taking this program:

  • Compared to other programs, ADP is one of the most flexible programs available. You will be able to choose the number of subjects per semester, although 3 to 4 subjects is recommended. For those who are not too sure what they want to major in, ADP allows you the flexibility to switch majors.
  • You will also have the opportunity to take up courses that are outside of your chosen major. The exposure to courses out of your chosen field will give you a well-rounded education in addition to specific knowledge in your chosen subjects. 
  • As the American Degree Transfer Program places emphasis on the learning process rather than examinations, you will develop interpersonal skills when collaborating with other students for your projects and presentations. You will learn how to think critically, ask questions, lead discussions and present your findings. As you will be constantly communicating with your students as well as lecturers, the ADP enables you to develop strong communication skills. 
  • The UOW Malaysia KDU ADP is one of the most cost effective options if you want to study abroad in the USA. This is because it allows you to study one to two years in Malaysia before you transferring your credits. It is also suitable for those who want to get used to the American style of education before heading over to the states. 

Who should take ADP?

You should consider taking ADP if:

  • You want to study abroad, especially in the USA. Certain universities in countries such as Canada and Australia also recognize the ADP. You will however, have to check with your local institution on the universities that will accept your credit transfers. 
  • You prefer to have assessments via coursework such as assignments and presentations rather than examinations. 
  • You are inclined towards creative and interactive learning
  • You want the flexibility of being able to choose and learn subjects that are outside of your major. 

Why choose American Degree Transfer Program at UOW Malaysia KDU?

The American Degree Program (ADP) is perfect for students who intend to study in an American-style liberal arts environment as it is designed to prepare students with the skills and knowledge to continue their education in the United States. Designed as a direct route into a degree pathway, the ADP’s liberal arts education system is flexible, supports the spirit of inquiry and fosters a culture of idea exchange by focusing on critical thinking. This falls in line with the ideal that students will reach their full potential in the midst of a diverse environment they helped to create, which will open more doors to various communities around the world.

UOW Malaysia KDU was the first education institution to introduce the ADP degree program to Malaysians in 1983. As a pioneering educator in this field, we have enabled thousands of students to transfer to over 500 universities and colleges across the United States for over 30 years.