Professional Development Programs

Corporate Training
In many areas of the working world today, one’s success depends on the ability to communicate effectively both in spoken and written English. Thus, each corporate module is designed for business professionals who need to improve their business and social skills in English rapidly, effectively and efficiently. The ‘Better English for Better Business Opportunity’ training series is as follows:

  • Speech Matters
  • Getting Through with English
  • Speak Up and Be Heard
  • Essence of Success
  • From Contacts to Contracts


English For Research
Non-native English researchers constantly face problems with English usage in their academic writing. Thus, this course aims to provide tips on writing error-free research papers. It also covers the style of writing a typical research paper.


English Language Teaching Programme (ELTP)
This course provides workable training strategies and tips for teachers who want to create a stimulating learning environment for students.


Other Short Courses

  • Intensive English Language Enhancement Programme (IELEP)
    IELEP is a comprehensive and intensive English language programme designed for everyone. It is an ideal programme for vacationers holidaying in the World Heritage City of Penang, expatriates living in Penang or locals who wish to take up a short course to upgrade their English language proficiency. Those under the MM2H project will also benefit from this programme as IELEP is a fuss-free programme and it caters to different levels of proficiency in the language. IELEP has monthly intakes and is open to anyone aged 15 years and above. Upon completion, students are presented with a certificate of attendance.
  • Holiday English Language Course (HELC)
    This is an exciting and highly interactive English language enrichment package designed for a total ‘immersion’ experience. It includes both indoor and outdoor fun-filled experiences that enhance participants’ proficiency in the English language.

Program information

“English language is not a difficult thing to master if you have the right teacher. We have more than 20 years of experience in doing exactly that.”

More than 1,200 local and international students from over 60 countries have successfully completed the English programme with the Department of Languages (DOL). Our international students hail from Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Mongolia, Turkmenistan, Bangladesh, Korea, Taiwan, Japan, China, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Iran, etc. Many of DOL’s graduates have gone on to successfully complete their diploma and degree in the programmes of their choice, and some have joined the workforce. It’s no wonder the Department of Languages is known for the tagline ‘Language is Power’!


20 Years’ Experience
Experience spells success. We have more than 20 years of experience in delivering quality English lessons to students from all walks of life.


Highly qualified, experienced and specialized teachers
Don’t settle for less, only the best. Our teachers are not only highly qualified with a master’s degree, but also experienced in delivering specialized courses such as IELTS preparatory course, oral communication and business English.


Student-centred approach and experiential
Less of us, more of you. We help you to make the learning of English meaningful and relevant for real world communication.


English-speaking community in the university college
Experience genuine English-speaking immersion. At UOW Malaysia KDU, English language is the medium of instruction, as well as campus-wide communication. Out of the classroom, students continue to enhance their language skills through the English Language Society and the Writing Centre.

Programme Location
UOW Malaysia KDU Penang University College, George Town

Intensive English Language Enhancement Programme (IELEP)

  • Duration – 1 Month


Holiday English Language Course (HELC)

  • Duration – 3 days or more (course can be customised)


Corporate Training

  • Duration – 3 days or more (course can be customised)


English For Research

  • Duration – 3 days or more (course can be customised)


English Language Teaching Programme (ELTP)

  • Duration – 3 days or more (course can be customised)
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Academic Qualification

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