Class of 2016

UOW Malaysia KDU Penang University College, Batu Kawan

"Acquaintances around me share words of praise for KDU's high quality yet affordable tertiary education programmes and being offered a scholarship was a big pus point for me" according to Dominic on the reasons for joining KDU. KDU has provided a lot of fond memories during his study years especially the support and help from lecturer and peers on project and assignment. Which later, pushes him to perform and do the best that he could in academics and life as a whole. "KDU thought me the importance of discipline, as the deadlines and originality of my coursework were adhered strictly."

This values and lesson learned in while being part of KDU has developed an identity of who he is today. Being in the corporate and investment banking operations department requires him to be able to deliver and excel in a fast-paced environment. While time management and integrity plays a very crucial aspects of his work today and those can be achieved by being disciplined. "As a result, the value I received during my time in KDU really acts as a stepping stone in my present career today."