Class of 2012

UOW Malaysia KDU University College, Utropolis Glenmarie

Michelle's fondest memories mostly took place in lectures, tutorial classes, and projects that they've worked together. She is proud to acknowledge that they knew how to balance work and play, ensuring that they obtained nothing but distinctions and high distinctions up to the completion of their degree programme, and still had time to participate in activities and societies. Also, she enjoyed lectures by some of her favourite lecturers, namely Mr. Ruly, Mr. Hardip, Ms. Sheila, Ms. Leesa and Ms. Zee, and they still keep in touch on Facebook!

Prior joining the diploma programme, Michelle was a reserved person. She had always hold back on sharing her thoughts or speaking up. But due to the nature of the programme which requires a lot of presentation and opinion sharing, she had become more comfortable in her own thoughts and her values. This had shaped her into being a great team player and manager in the workforce. Besides that, her close-knit circle of friends in KDU taught her the importance of trust, teamwork, and dedication in terms of holding up our end of the deal when it came to projects - not letting down one another and giving all 100% for the best of the team. In fact, those positive attributes spilled over into other aspects of her college years - be it studying together and motivating each other, consoling a lecturer who had a hard day, or learning to juggle studies and a part-time job.