Dual Accounting Diploma
The first step into the world of accounting


What is accounting?

Accounting refers to the systematic process of maintaining financial accounts. Businesses need to know whether they are making a profit or loss. Accountancy involves tracking how much a business makes as well as how much they spend. It helps businesses understand the financial health of the company. This will help the company to make decisions on the direction that the company should take next. 

Is a Diploma in Accountancy right for you?

Accountancy may be right for you if you love concrete data, problem solving and routines. It is a financial role that does not require speculation and risk taking. Accountancy is also a career that requires mathematics and using numbers to make inferences. 

A Diploma in Accountancy course typically gives you the foundation of laws that govern businesses, the ethics of accountancy, statistics as well as accounting theory. You will learn how to prepare documents such as financial statements, and tax returns. You will also learn how to record finances, as well as to sort, retrieve and summarize information from financial reports and analyses. 

What jobs and career prospects do I have with a Diploma in Accountancy?

A diploma in accountancy will open up the following job opportunities:

  • Accounts assistant
  • Accounts executive
  • Finance executive
  • Sales executive

You can also continue to further your studies and pursue a Degree in Accounting or sit for professional accounting qualifications such as the ACCA which will open doors for you to work abroad in big financial firms.

Accountants will always be in demand as every business in every industry needs someone to manage their accounts. Accounting services are needed wherever money is involved.

Why study Diploma in Accountancy at UOW Malaysia KDU?

This program is unique, as it not only covers all the basic essentials of accounting, but graduates will receive an additional professional diploma from the Association of Certified Chartered Accountants (ACCA). At the end of the course, you will be able to record financial transactions, store, sort, retrieve and summarize financial information. You will also be able to present and report your findings.

Those enrolled in the Dual Accounting Diploma program will be the first students globally able to experience the fast track route of obtaining the ACCA professional Diploma in Accounting and Business. Subject only to obtaining a pass in ACCA’s external paper in Financial Accounting, graduates of the UOW Malaysia KDU Dual Accounting Diploma program will receive dual certification from both UOW Malaysia KDU and ACCA.

Upon completion of the program, graduates will also be granted exemptions from the following recognised professional bodies:

  • ACCA – Exempted from 3 ACCA Fundamental papers
  • CIMA – Exempted from 3 CIMA Certificate in Business Accounting papers


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Program information

  • The Dual Accounting Diploma Program is the first diploma program of its kind in the world and is a blend of ACCA UK’s Diploma in Accounting and Business and UOW Malaysia KDU’s accounting diploma programs. Graduates of this program will be globally recognised, as ACCA is one of the leading global accounting professional bodies, whereas UOW Malaysia KDU, is part of the top 1% ranked University of Wollongong Australia Global Network.
  • Students electing to do this program will obtain dual diploma certifications, receiving a diploma award from each of UOW Malaysia KDU and ACCA UK without any need to extend their duration of study.
  • Students need to complete UOW Malaysia KDU’s Diploma in Accountancy (Utropolis Glenmarie Campus) or Diploma in Accounting (George Town Penang Campus) and in addition pass ACCA’s external paper in Financial Accounting in order to obtain the dual certifications. All students are compulsory to sit for the paper, where the examination fee for the first attempt is included in the program fee.
  • Should students failed the ACCA’s Financial Accounting paper, it is advisable for them to retake the ACCA’s external paper in Financial Accounting at an additional cost, payable to ACCA directly. Failure of the ACCA’s external paper in Financial Accounting, the students will only be eligible to graduate with a single diploma award from UOW Malaysia KDU.
  • To further expedite graduate career prospects, upon completion of their UOW Malaysia KDU accounting diploma students are able to claim exemptions for the ACCA [Business & Technology] and [Management Accounting] external papers. With these exemptions they can hasten completion of a Chartered Certified Accountant qualification (ACCA).


  • Students who would like to build an Accounting career.
  • Students with SPM, O-Level, UEC 2, and other equivalent qualifications.


  • Blended teaching with a combination of e-Learning materials, online lectures, physical tutorials, and industry visits.


  • To help spread early awareness to students on the value of external professional qualifications.
  • Better prepare the students to pursue a professional qualification papers in future.


  • Upon completion of this program students may progress to bachelor level study in accounting at UOW Malaysia KDU and enrol in the ACCA Accelerator Program. This is another partnership UOW Malaysia KDU has with ACCA which enables students to expedite completion of a Chartered Certified Accounting (ACCA) qualification while simultaneously completing their degree studies.
  • At UOW Malaysia KDU you have the choice of 3 bachelor programs in the accounting field: Bachelor of Accounting (Hons) and Bachelor in Accounting and Finance (Hons) programs at our Utropolis Glenmarie campus and the Bachelor of Accountancy (Hons) program at our Penang campus.
2 years
Program Location
UOW Malaysia KDU University College, Utropolis Glenmarie


  • Oral Communication
  • Writing and Referencing
  • Business Mathematics
  • Financial Accounting 1 & 2
  • Introduction to Accounting
  • Introduction to Information Technology
  • Introduction to Money & Banking
  • Macroeconomics
  • Management Accounting 1 & 2
  • Microeconomics
  • Principles of Management



  • Accounting Information System
  • Accounting Theory & Practice
  • Auditing
  • Business Statistics
  • Business Law
  • Company Law
  • Personal Development Skills
  • Corporate Accounting
  • Corporate Finance
  • Advanced Corporate Accounting
  • Management of Human Resources
  • Taxation
  • Penghayatan Etika dan Peradaban (Malaysian Students) / Bahasa Melayu Komunikasi 1 (International Students)
  • Personal Development Skills
  • Society and Development in Malaysia
  • Teamwork and Community
  • Bahasa Kebangsaan A*

Bahasa Kebangsaan A is compulsory for all Malaysian students

  • without a credit in SPM Bahasa Malaysia.
  • without SPM Bahasa Malaysia (applicable to students from UEC, O Level, or other equivalent programs)

Intake dates


14 January 7 March 20 May 4 July 9 September 31 October
Estimated fees
Local students


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International students


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* Terms and Conditions Apply
* Instalment Payment Plan Available

Academic Qualification

SPM / GCE O Level:
Min. 3 Credits (3Cs) (including Mathematics)


Min. 3 Credits (3Bs) (including Mathematics)


Certificate in relevant field:
Certificate in Accounting or related field; Pass with minimum CGPA of 2.00

English Requirement

Local Student :
Pass (SPM / 1119 / UEC / O Level examination)


International Student :
Band 5.5 in IELTS; or a score of 46 (IBT) or 454 (PBT) in TOEFL ; or Cambridge English (160); or Pearson English Test (51); or MUET Band 3