What is a BSc in applied accounting? 

A BSc in applied accounting provides students with knowledge on accounting standards and principles that are needed in order to carry out fundamental tasks of this profession. These include preparing, analyzing, verifying and researching financial documents as part of the process when providing information to clients. 

Why do a BSc applied accounting course? 

Here are a few reasons you should consider taking up a BSc in applied accounting:

  • You will gain key practical accounting skills and training that will help you to succeed in the real world
  • It will help you to get workplace ready as you will develop the skills that employers look for. 
  • You will be able to specialize in areas of your choice. 
  • The links you develop with professional accounting bodies will provide opportunities for employment
  • You will be able to learn from lecturers who have years of experience and industry professionals 

What will I learn if I do a BSc in applied accounting? 

An applied accounting course will help you to develop the necessary skills that you need for entry level accounting support. A BSc in applied accounting includes:

  • Accounting basics
  • Business software
  • Communication
  • Computer skills
  • General business practices
  • Mathematics

BSc in applied accounting jobs and career pathways

Upon graduation, students with a BSc in applied accounting will be able to work at numerous companies and corporations including medium and large audit firms as well as in government sectors. With experience, this degree will open doors to positions such as Associates, Senior Associates, Managers and Directors in your future. 


Who should study a Bsc in applied accounting at KDU?

Students who are keen on obtaining a degree while studying towards the ACCA qualification have an option of enrolling in the Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Applied Accounting program, developed by ACCA and Oxford Brookes University (UK).

Completing a degree and a professional accounting qualification boasts a powerful combination of expertise, putting graduates in demand with employers thereby increasing their career prospects.

Program information


At UOW Malaysia KDU, students benefit from our faculty of experienced and Professional Accounting lecturers, all of whom carry a 10-year average teaching experience.



  • Weekend classes are available (professional level papers) for those who’d need to juggle between work and study.



  • We track students’ learning capabilities through lecturer-marked progress tests, mock examinations, as well as examination reviews, to ensure a higher passing rate.
  • Employability Enhancement Programme (EEP) embedded for soft skill enhancement.
  • FREE SQL Accounting Software Training.



  • Assistance in ACCA Malaysia initial registration, payment of subscription and registration for exams.
  • Guidance in Practical Experience Requirement (PER) for attaining ACCA membership.
  • Academic counselling on study pathways.
  • Recording services for the classes are available upon request.



Corporate sponsorship and job placement by reputable accounting firms

Job placement

  • Our students have been placed at and rose the ranks as Associates, Senior Associate, Assistant Managers, Managers and Directors in various lines such as Audit, Tax, Advisory Business Services and Outsourcing at medium and large audit firms.

Corporate and government sponsorships

  • Our students also enjoy financial sponsorship (both partial and full) from various audit firms, as well as appointed government agencies.



The PAC Club at UOW Malaysia KDU, especially for Professional Accounting students, is the best place for students to enhance their communication, organisational and leadership skills. Students are able to participate and engage in various activities that not only develop their skills, but also build friendship and camaraderie. Some of the activities recently organised include:


Intra-varsity PAC Camp (PACC)

  • Team building activities which emphasised on team work and leadership skills.


UOW Malaysia KDU’s Got Talent

  • An opportunity for students of complete Accounting courses to showcase their talents and learn how to communicate with public audience on the stage.


UOW Malaysia KDU Awards, Talent and Prom (ATP) Night

  • Planning and organising skills were crucial to make this major event a successful story.


Charity Drive – Volunteer work

  • Doing charity work together as a team as it builds bonds, strengthens communication skills and boosts morale, while making a positive difference in the lives of people who need it most.
6 months
Program Location
UOW Malaysia KDU University College, Utropolis Glenmarie


The Research and Analysis Project (RAP) is the final component of the BSc degree and consists of two separate documents; a 7,500 word Research Report (RR) and a 2,000 word Skills and Learning Statement (SLS). Students are also required to give a presentation on
the project to their project mentor.

For RR, students are required to conduct an investigation and write a report which addresses one of the topics listed by OBU.

SLS is an evaluation of students’ experiences of doing the RR by demonstrating that they have developed the key ‘graduate’ skills of self-reflection and communication.



To pass the RAP, students must pass both the Research Report (RR) and the Skills and Learning Statement (SLS). If students do not pass both components separately within the same RAP submission, they will be awarded a Fail grade for the RAP.

Students will be given one of three Pass grades (A, B or C) or a Fail grade (F) for the performance in the RR.

Students will be given either a Pass grade or a Fail grade for the performance in the SLS.

If students achieve one of the three Pass grades for the RR and the Pass grade for the SLS, then a pass in the RAP will be awarded. The grade awarded to students for the performance in the RAP will be of that awarded to them for the RR i.e. A, B or C. Once they have been awarded one of the three Pass grades for the RAP, then they cannot make any further RAP submissions.

If students are awarded either a Fail grade in the RR or a Fail grade in the SLS, then they will be awarded a Fail grade for the RAP. If they are awarded a Fail grade on the first RAP submission, they will be allowed up to two further RAP submissions.

Intake dates


January July
Academic Qualification

ACCA Applied Knowledge and Applied Skills (9 papers)

  • Opted-in to the OBU BSc degree scheme.
  • Passed the Financial Reporting (FR), Audit and Assurance (AA) and Financial Management (FM) exams without exemption.
  • Completed the ACCA Ethics and Professional Skills Module.
  • Completed and passed the OBU BSc degree within 10 years of the earliest date of students’ first examination pass or the date of first ACCA exemption being granted.