Bachelor of Game Development (Hons), with First Class Honours Game Programmer TeratoTech International Student from Mauritius Graduated at 2014

UOW Malaysia KDU University College, Utropolis Glenmarie

Studying Game Development in KDU was a unique and memorable experience. It really felt like everything was done to simulate a game development environment but within ‘safe’ educational constraints.

Projects are run just like how they are in the industry, with lecturers acting as producers and guiding students by helping them setting a scope and making sure deadlines are respected. I was also impressed by the course structure which allows students to experience the 3 main fields of Game Development before deciding in which one to specialize in. Even after choosing a field, flexible electives encourages students to diversify. I found this really important as it makes it easier to collaborate when all members of a team have a good understanding of each other’s roles.

One of the things I also miss the most is the Area51 Game Studio which is the course’s dedicated computer lab. It is a nice and cosy place to work and relax and it felt like a second home for me, especially during late night crunch hours.