Class of 2015

UOW Malaysia KDU Penang University College, George Town

Due to the prestigious branding and the international recognition of KDU, it has influenced Menaga to choose KDU. Besides that, the high quality of education and teaching where all lecturer are qualified for teaching helpful. According to Menaga, KDU not only provides education and teaches the essential life skills, but it also provides the facilities which are the main aspects that attracts students like her to enrol.

For Menaga, one of the fondest memories in KDU was the treatment received by her friendly lecturer where they sometimes join student for breakfast and lunch to share with them some of their memories during college years or even discuss some study matters out of class. Overall, the friendly environment and helpful lecturer were some of the unforgettable memories in KDU.

Some of the campus-wide programmes such as KDU Culturation, KDU Career Exploration and KDU Sustainability initiatives really aspire her passion in life. Believing that she has made the right choices by choosing KDU, Menaga did recommend her sisters, cousins and colleague's children to pursue their tertiary education at KDU.