We Love Malaysians Merdeka Virtual Campaign 2020

By UOW Malaysia KDU

Malaysia is well-known for its multi-ethnic and multicultural society, where people live together harmoniously. We embrace the uniqueness of each race and the diversity of languages within our everyday lives.

In conjunction with Malaysia Independence Day & Malaysia Day, UOW Malaysia KDU carried out a ‘We Love Malaysians’  virtual campaign to promote inter-ethnic harmony and national unity amongst Malaysians. The different ethnicities represented within Malaysia have their own distinctive cultural identities, which makes Malaysia so unique. The ‘We Love Malaysians’ video showcases staff and students pledging our Rukun Negara in different languages. We embrace the national philosophy and believe that it can be implemented in our daily lives.

Within Rukun Negara, the words capture the national aspiration to uphold a just society where the prosperity of the country can be enjoyed together fairly and equitably. Rukun Negara also marks the fundamental principles, whereby every Malaysian is called to practice a democratic way of life and achieve closer unity amongst members of the community despite our differences. Despite the passage of time and modernization, the true spirit of Rukun Negara still burns within our hearts.

Let’s live in harmony with all races without changing identities by respecting each other and practicing freedom of choice. We can learn to appreciate the beauty of inclusion, where everyone is respected and treated equally. Only then can we truly unite as one, as Malaysians.


31 August 2020


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UOW Malaysia KDU University College

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