Volunteer Initiative Project (V.I.P) Bootcamp

Energetic presentation from Generasi Gemilang representative, Mr. Richard

Remarks to boost volunteer’s spirit from SAC Senior Manager, Mr. Mitchell

Mr. Guan Kheng conducted few exercises with volunteers to enhance their comprehension on basic communication skills

Volunteers reading the manual and tried to set the farming kit on their own

By Student and Alumni Centre (SAC)

On the 16th February 2020, Volunteer Initiative Project (V.I.P) has executed V.I.P Bootcamp for UOW Malaysia KDU University College volunteers. This project aimed to gather volunteers and equip them with basic community skills and effective communication skills before they embark on upcoming volunteering activities.

The boot camp began at 10.30 a.m. with a brief introduction by the V.I.P Facilitator, Ms. Natasha. Ms. Natasha also shared about the operational system for V.I.P 2020 as we as introducing our official Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) partner, Institut Onn Ja’afar (IOJ). This boot camp will serve as a pre-requisite annually for before they begin their participation in 3 volunteering activities as well as organizing one themselves within the year.

After the briefing by Ms. Natasha, the guest speaker from Generasi Gemilang, Mr. Richard Stephenson, took over the stage and deliver a session called “Benefit and Pathway of Volunteerism”. Richard shared on about his journey from being a successful accountant to discover his deep call and passion to become a volunteer in Generasi Gemilang. His sharing, his passion for volunteer work, and his desire to be a ripple effect for the next generation have inspired all the volunteers in the room.

The boot camp continues with a session of Happiness Techniques from UOW Malaysia Counselling Unit. During this session, volunteers were taught hands-on basic communication skills as well as counseling skills. Volunteers were taught to be practice reflection and active listening. Student volunteers were also given the opportunity to practice what they learned through roleplaying and counseling exercises.

In Closing, CityFarm Malaysia provided the volunteers with farming kits and teaching them how to plant their very own vegetables. CityFarm representative believed that through this demonstration and training, the students in the future can do basic farming for the community living in the shelter home.


16 February 2020


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