UOWMKDUxFPT Culturation Mobility Program

Group photo in front of National Palace

Group photo in front of National Museum

Group photo of winners with their best Infographic Poster

Group photo of FPT University students after Post English test


February 7th marked the first time that UOW Malaysia KDU received around 70 students from FPT University, Vietnam. These students joined the UOWMKDUxFPT Culturation Mobility Program to learn and enhance their English language skills. They arrived in Malaysia and quickly adapted to living on campus and making friends with their assigned Malaysian buddies. For these FPT students, they are mainly to brush up on their English language skills. Therefore, they attend intensive classes every day with our designated lecturers.

The first weekend in Malaysia was spent by going to Kuala Lumpur city centre. They visited the famous landmarks such as the National Palace, National Museum, Central Market, and also Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (KLCC).

Over the next three weeks in Malaysia, they have definitely improved their English language skills. With the help of their Malaysian buddies as well, they are more confident to converse in English rather than their native language. Throughout their stay, the Malaysian buddies brought them out to taste the different types of food in Malaysia namely the famous butter chicken at SS15, cendol, and many more. Day by day, their bonds grew even stronger they have created a friendship that will last a lifetime.

Their intensive classes of English language eventually led them to their Post English test before they can return to Vietnam. Thankfully, all passed with flying colours and they were overjoyed. There were awards being given to some of the students on their achievements by our Deputy Vice Chancellor of Academic, Prof Dr Hon Wei Min.

Approaching the end of the UOWMKDUxFPT Culturation Mobility Program, the students are happy that they found a friend in Malaysia. Most of them even planned out future hang outs whenever they are back in Malaysia. Indeed, separation is only temporary. We shall meet again one day.

“I will come back to Malaysia again. I love the Chicken Rice here!” – Le Xuan Tung


07 February 2020


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