UOW Malaysia KDU Students Bagged the Awards at the Kijang Economics Competition 2020

By UOW Malaysia KDU

Six students representing the UOW Malaysia KDU School of Social Sciences, Pre-University Studies, competed in this year’s Kijang Economics Competition, and have each won for their outstanding effort and hard work.

Held on the 8th of October 2020, the Kijang Economics Competition (KEC) is a national economics competition for secondary schools and pre-university students which aims to challenge students’ economics knowledge through economics, entrepreneurship, financial literacy, and business. It was first held in April 2019 with the intention to spark a competitive nature among students and provide them with the opportunity to polish and develop their economic and financial literacy.

As Malaysia’s Ministry of Education endorses KEC, the competition questions were designed to align with the Malaysian curriculum standards and Elemen Merentas Kurikulum (EMK) in KSSM. The competition questions are also relevant to the current local and global economic situation, allowing participants to apply their economic and financial knowledge to find effective and innovative solutions on obtaining capital resources, use of financial instruments and engaging in financial market analysis. Participants are not merely joining a competition, but instead, they are also being equipped to become the leaders of tomorrow, in building a better country with greater financial and economic growth.

Congratulations to all six students from School of Social Sciences, Pre-University Studies who have participated in, and won, in this year’s Kijang Economics Competition. The UOW Malaysia KDU lecturing team are very proud of their outstanding effort and hard work during the competition. The winners include Khairul Amin Bin Amir (Gold Award), Karen Wong Yee Teng ( Silver Award), Mohd Ariq Bin Bobie Irwan (Bronze Award) and Erisya Nurqistina Binti Mohd Yusoff (Bronze Award). Sailesh A/L Krishnakumar and Danish bin Zuhairi were both included the honourable mention list. All six students also receive a certificate of achievement, personally issued by the Director of Kijang Secretariat and Ministry of Education Malaysia.

Winner’s List

School of Social Sciences

Khairul Amin Bin Amir
Gold Award Winner

Karen Wong Yee Teng
Silver Award Winner

Mohd Ariq Bin Bobie Irwan
Bronze Award Winner

Erisya Nurqistina Bt Mohd Yusoff
Bronze Award Winner

Sailesh A/L Krishnakumar
Honourable Mention

Danish bin Zuhairi
Honourable Mention


08 October 2020


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