Take A Break! Simple Stretching at Home

Instructor explaining of the Sphinx Pose and its benefits.

Screenshot of selected students who participated in TAKE A BREAK! SIMPLE STRETCHING AT HOME event.

By Student and Alumni Centre (SAC)

How do we stay fit?

How do we maintain a healthy lifestyle throughout the Movement Control Order (MCO)?

These are some of the questions that the Student Alumni Centre sought to address during the pandemic. Their solution, TAKE A BREAK! SIMPLE STRETCHING AT HOME event, a health-related virtual event where students can stretch and exercise correctly within the comfort of their own home.

 On the 20th January, the Student and Alumni Centre (SAC) turned to technology and Instructor Muhammad Nasrul Bin Khalid to help make this event a success. Through the CISCO WEBEX platform, SAC organized the event and was joined by many UOW Malaysia KDU students. The commenced by connecting with the students and gaining more understanding of their current well-being. He also introduced that day’s stretching topic through informative slides, ensuring that the students were able to follow along easily.

The instructor further explained the types of stretches and also demonstrated visually for students to ensure they could follow. Though students were locked down in their own homes at this time, the 1-hour virtual session was a great way for students to learn about the different types of stretching and help them unwind and relax their muscles.

The virtual event successfully aided students to stay healthy and relax with a short stretching session and gave them some health and well-being knowledge for application during the ongoing MCO. The session ended smoothly, with the instructor making room for the students to ask questions.


20 January 2021




UOW Malaysia KDU

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