Students Learn About Self-Care To Mental Health Through A Virtual Session

Eka Natasha training students through Cisco Webex.

The Kahoot session as student answered the quiz.

screenshot of the student who attended the MCO 2.0: Self Care Management session

By Student and Alumni Centre (SAC)

In this global pandemic, self-care is just as important as mental health. If one does not give himself or herself the self-care one needs, it could lead to something worse. “What is the concept of self-care?” “How does one take care of it?”, these were the questions that the Student and Alumni Centre sought to address through facilitating a recent virtual event, MCO 2.0: Self Care Management. Within this one-hour session on the 26th January expert Eka Natasha Binti Muhammad Fanashim Benson explored topics on self-care management and mental health with students.

The session began with Eka Natasha welcoming the students and gaining an element of trust before proceeding to expound on the topic and ensure students were able to grasp the topic. She shared the different types of self-care with which students may engage, such as spiritual self-care and emotional self-care. One of the more memorable activities was when students were requested to list down the events, things, and people they are grateful for. The talk ended with a short kahoot quiz for the students to ensure that the students understood and could recall the principles of self-care addressed within the session.

Overall, it was a successful and meaningful virtual session organized by the Student Alumni Centre. Students were more aware of the importance of self-care, and through this session, are able stay mentally well during this global pandemic.


26 January 2021




UOW Malaysia KDU

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