Student and Alumni Centre Have Students’ Workout Covered During MCO 2.0

Instructor Nasrul showing the students how to exercise together from the comfort of their own homes.

By Student and Alumni Centre (SAC)

It was another Movement Control Order (MCO), and students were in another lockdown and unable to meet physically with one another. In response to this setback, the UOW Malaysia KDU Student and Alumni Centre (SAC) decided to organize a creative health related MCO 2.0 virtual session to ensure students could stay connected during the pandemic. The session was titled: The MCO 2.0 Tabata Challenge.

The Tabata Challenge is the second in a series of health-related session that has recently been conducted by SAC following the successful TAKING A BREAK! SIMPLE STRETCHING AT HOME session. Instructor Muhammad Nasrul Bin Khalid was invited back due to the overwhelmingly positive response to conduct in this follow-up session. In Instructor Nasrul’s fashion, he welcomed the students, interacted with each of them, and shared what they aimed to achieve by the end of the session. Students all had their camera on in the CISCO WEBEX platform, ready to begin that workout. Nasrul then proceeded to play the exercise music as he started the workout session. Many students picked up the routine quickly, especially those who went for his first session. He started with something basic and gradually built the tension up to more challenging workouts. The workout moves consisted of many moves, with some extending to pumping and high kicks. Luckily for the students, they were given quick breaks in between soundtracks to a breath and rehydrate. When the session ended, Nasrul connected with the students and got to know each one of them and enquired how they were feeling. The students were at ease with Nasrul and were very responsive. After some small chit-chat session, the virtual session ended with a sweet farewell. 

A special thanks to SAC for organizing another very successful MCO 2.0: TABATA CHALLENGE, a sequel to the TAKING A BREAK virtual session. It is great to see our students still connected and doing healthy physical workouts in the comfort of their homes. 


25 January 2021




UOW Malaysia KDU

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