Project RePurpose – Re-inventing Campus Life in the “New Normal”

By UOW Malaysia KDU

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed our approach to everyday activities. We will have to now repurpose what we have, what we used to do, what we used to practice in this “New Normal”. It is important for us to adapt and embrace the new normal so that we can keep up with the change of pace and stay on par with the rest.

At UOW Malaysia KDU, we are excited about operating in a new normal, which gives us an opportunity to further evolve the campus experiences. Anticipating that a return to campus life will be different but that does not mean that our campus community need to miss out on anything, for which our internationally styled campuses are well known. In fact, through creative-thinking and repurposing our resources, we are committed to reinvent campus life to be more aligned with a technology enabled society.

A cross-functional team of staff, under the Project RePurpose initiative, has been formed to expedite the re-opening of our campuses to an on-campus living, learning and working environment. This team is tasked with decision making on how and when to re-engage on campus and update us with current events, including conditions and regulatory practices announced by the respective Government agencies. Importantly, this team is committed to delivering the best possible campus experiences and have been busy over the recent weeks in redesigning how our campuses will operate in the areas below:

  • Academic Quality and Delivery
  • Safety and Wellness of Staff and Students
  • Community Engagement and Government Liaison
  • Networking and Virtual Connections

The Project RePurpose team is committed to enhancing the contemporary ways of doing things and envisaging how we can improve each specific element of university life to on-campus operations in this “New Normal”. The task force is working closely together in planning the details, considering various contingency and preparing us to be both agile and thorough in our approaches.

Until regulatory authorities announce that it is safe to recommence face-to-face classes, students will continue to remain at home and participate in our new semester which will start on 1 Jun virtually. Face-to-face classes will commence as soon as we receive advice from the regulatory authorities that it is safe to do so. Upon resumption of face-to-face teaching, we will continue, in most instances, to offer online classes. Students will be able to choose their preferred mode of delivery. In regards to staff planning, the Heads of School/Departments will plan for staggered staff return and working schedule via work-from-home and rotational duty roster arrangements from 18 May onwards.

The first phase in re-opening campus activities over the next few weeks includes establishing strict physical social distancing and avoidance of group gatherings. In the longer term, we are planning for a full return to campus operations when it is safe to do so, including all academic programs, support operations and large-scale gatherings. Most importantly, our commitment in providing an exceptional education, in and out of the classroom, is unchanged. We look forward to seeing you back on campus – eager to work and prepared to be safe. Let us now RePurpose, Our Needs, Our Demand, Our Goals.

Safety & Wellness of Students and Staff

Academic Qualities & Deliveries / Networking & Virtual Connection

Community Engagement & Government Liaison


15 May 2020




UOW Malaysia KDU

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