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The power of self-branding discussion by Ms Ashiqin Shamsuri

Professional Acumen & Intellectual Competency in Leadership discussion by Mr Keith

Design Thinking in Leadership discussion by Mr Syafie

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By UOW Malaysia KDU

Project Generation W (PGW) is a UOW Malaysia KDU initiative aimed at enhancing the institution’s future graduates’ competencies to craft the best version of themselves for the real world. This four-day tertiary initiative consisted of interesting and empowering sessions geared at providing students with essential knowledge from a variety of topics including the Power of Self-Branding, How to be Global Citizen, Professional Acumen and Intellectual Competency in Leadership, Design Thinking in Leadership, Corporate Social Responsibility in New Norm, and Mental Health. The PGW program not only taught the students the necessary skills required for their campus study life but also laid an important foundation for their future career and life ahead.

The first day’s session involved an introduction by Mr. Mitchell Liong, Senior Manager of Student and Alumni Centre. In this session, he presented the entire roadmap of the initiative and explained to the participants that the core values of this initiative is to synergize with the University of Wollongong’s six unique graduate attributes such as Intellectual Competence, Professional Acumen, Effective Communication Skills, Entrepreneurial Spirit, Global Mindset; and Creative, Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving Abilities.

The second day’s session started with a talk by Ms Ashiqin Shamsuri, co-founder of Clue to The Zoo. The speaker shared with the students a profound understanding of self-brand building. She explained the importance of personal branding and how to build oneself. It was an interesting talk accompanied by interactive question and answer session with the participants. She ended the talk by giving one sagely advice – “Be confident, make a goal, chasing the goal.” After the talk, the Student Council of UOW Dubai, Hong Kong and Malaysia conducted a virtual exchange session to discuss the relevant and current social topics of Racism, Stereotypes, and a Judgmental Mindset. At this stage, the participants had warmed up to the whole initiative and were better prepared to participate in these interactive discussions and shared their opinions through three different case studies provided by the Student Council from UOW Malaysia KDU. This discussion allowed the participants to understand some of the characteristics of the contemporary global citizen, including acceptance of cultural diversity and inclusiveness. “It is vital to educate ourselves about being global citizens as we have the capacity to change the world because as a global citizen, we are able to interact within and care about the whole world and its entire people which can lead to peace, an end to world-hunger, environment sustainability and global quality of life,” said Kezzia Leong, President of Student Council UOW Malaysia KDU. The day’s session ended with a talk by Mr Keith, Chief Executive Officer from Homiee Malaysia HQ, who made a profound impact with the participants through the topic of how to be an acuminous competent leader. “True leaders have confidence to stand out, courage to make tough decisions, and never lead to gain power,” explained Mr Keith.

Mr Syafie, Senior UI/UX Designer of Malaysian Global Innovation & Creativity Centre (MaGIC) kicked off the session on the third day by sharing on Design Thinking in Leadership. Mr Syafie presented his talk in a fun, engaging and interactive workshop session using the Miro platform. According to this dynamic speaker, “Design is not just how things look but also how things work. Design Thinking is never a one-time process, it is a lifetime habit.”

For the last day’s session, Mr Charles & Ms Zaiti from the Onn Jaafar Institute shared on

the topic of Corporate Social Responsibility in New Norm. This sharing session provided the participants with an opportunity to learn and understand more about the purpose and pursuit of corporate social responsibility. According to Ms Zaiti, this is geared at ensuring our young people eventually grow into outstanding adults who are able to make significant contributions to society. “To the world, you may be one person, but to that one person, you may be the world,” said Ms Zaiti. This session was followed by a session conducted by Ms Lim Pui Yee on the topic of mental health. The speaker provided different scenarios to allow the students express their thoughts. She then gave her valuable insights, explanations, and directions to take. It was a very insightful and enlightening discussion that was not only related to the participants tertiary experience but had future application in their career and life journey.

The PGW Virtual Camp Initiative ended with a closing speech by UOW Malaysia KDU’s Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic), Professor Dr Hon Wei Min. Her advice to all participants were, “Keep trying, keep doing, and if you persevere long enough, you will eventually reach the goal that you have set for yourself. Of course, along the way, please remember, you have to adapt to change, and if your chosen path is not able to bring you to where you wanted to be, you must find an alternative way to achieve the goal that you have set for yourself.”

At the end of this four-day interactive online session, the participants although noticeably tired had fun and went back with a life-changing perspective of themselves.  “PGW Virtual Camp has taught me a lot as a person to increase my knowledge in knowing more about the term Global Citizenship. The different segments it consists of and to hear personal stories beyond what theories have to offer. This entire camp was very insightful as it taught us to be more aware of our surrounding, how we should communicate effectively and many more.” said Kezzia Leong, President of Student Council UOW Malaysia KDU. “First of all, I would like to thank SAC for organizing such an event that helps students heartily why would I say that because of the programs in it. The speakers and the topics chosen were very crucial for the students. For example, the talks about racism give us a clear perspective about what race and culture is experiencing. There was a topic about critical thinking where it really develops and enhances our thinking skills as students which we need. A speaker was sharing his experiences being CEO in a GLC company which I personally think it gives us a rough idea on how to be a future entrepreneur. Therefore, I would once again thank SAC for this event as it helps us Students in every aspect.” said Shathiys A/L Veravijiyan, President of Indian Club Society.


11 October 2021




UOW Malaysia KDU

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