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Group Photo of students attended Career Enhancement Series Session.

Consultation Session by GRADUAN for CV checking services that has been done during the Career Enhancement Series Session.

Internship Briefing Session during Career Enhancement Series for Internship students that will go for internship in May 2020.

Speaker from GRADUAN shares on the Interview Tips during the Career Enhancement Series Session.

By Nurfatihah Binti Rozali

We often hear employers and business leaders lament the unfortunate gap between what students learn in college and what they are actually expected to know in order to be job-ready. This is particularly alarming in light of the large — and still growing — number of people graduating from university.The fourth industrial revolution is already having an impact on current jobs. Despite young people generally completing more years of formal education than their parents, many are struggling to find relevant and consistent employment. Governments are increasingly worried about the mismatch between what societies and industries demand versus what education systems supply.

Many students don’t feel prepared for the working world. Students who do feel prepared for work may be less prepared than they realize. Or they may be prepared for work that no longer exists.There are three main ways that students can demonstrate career readiness competencies: resumes and portfolios, interviews, and personal branding.

UOW Malaysia KDU Youth Empowerment Plan – Career Exploration arranged first session of the career enhancement series on 15th February 2020. This session worked together with GRADUAN focused on four main modules.

The series started with first module, ‘Successful CV Writing, Introduction and Video Resume’. Later, the second module is about confidence and interview tips together with mock interview session. Expectation vs reality and dealing with challenging issues to work covered for the third module during this career enhancement series session. The final module for this series was on personal branding which covered by branding yourself and grooming. It helps the student for their preparation in interview session.

Successful people didn’t wait for opportunities to knock on their doors. They created it that’s why they’re reaping what they have sown. Apply this truth to your life and you’ll definitely accomplish everything on your own.


15 February 2020


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