MCO 2.0: Your Not-To-Do List

Snapshot of some of the students who attended the MCO 2.0: YOUR NOT-TO DO-LISTsession.

Miss Natasha sharing on “Actions that Affect Your Mental Health”

Another Not-to-do tip during MCO 2.0 for the students

By Student and Alumni Centre (SAC)

On 19th January 2021, the UOW Malaysia KDU Student and Alumni Center (SAC) conducted a session for students called MCO 2.0: YOUR NOT-TO-DO LIST.

The SAC team were concerned about the continued mental health of the students, especially during this MCO 2.0 period when most were confined to their place of residence, and the sense of uncertainty that this may have brought. This session’s purpose was more than simply identifying behaviors that may negatively affect mental health and the provision of a not-to-do list; with students also being educated on how to take care of their mental health and support one another during the Movement Control Order (MCO). 

Expert Eka Natasha Binti Muhammad Fanashim Bensom conducted the MCO 2.0: YOUR NOT-TO-DO LIST seminar,with the students were very receptive to learning coping techniques they could apply to their everyday lives. During the 1-hour Cisco Webex session, students shared their innermost thoughts, relating how they struggled and overcame their mental health challenges. Miss Natasha’s presentation turned into an insightful heart-to-heart session with an active dialogue observed between the students and Miss Natasha.  From the commencement of the session the students were very receptive as Miss Natasha interacted with them on their well-being. Given that all good things must come to a close, the session ended with an in-depth Q&A session to address any queries from students. It is pleasing to see the emergence of greater student’s awareness amongst the UOW Malaysia KDU student on taking care of their mental health and following a not-to-do list during MC0 2.0. 

The MCO 2.0: YOUR NOT TO DO LIST online event exceeded all expectations. A special thanks to Miss Natasha for her passion and the well-timed message that will undoubtedly assist students through this time of uncertainty.


19 January 2021




UOW Malaysia KDU

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