Lightning Strike Twice For the Pre-U Students of UOW Malaysia KDU

By UOW Malaysia KDU

Just right after a great victory at the Kangaroo Maths Competition, the students of the School of Social Sciences, Pre-University Studies (A-Level), UOW Malaysia KDU College surprised us again by winning more awards in the Beaver Computational Thinking 2020 Competition.

On 10th September, the A-Level students of UOW Malaysia KDU surprised all with their commendable computational skills as they competed online in computer science concepts, and logical problem-solving skills.

First organised in Lithuania in 2004, the Beaver Computational Thinking Competition is an online competition that aims to cultivate interests in Information Technology, Informatics, and Computational Thinking to lecturers and students of all ages. Students were able to showcase their creativity, exposed more to information culture, growing in algorithmic and computational thinking, as well as a deeper understanding of information technology, as they compete in solving problems through computational thinking using computer-based solutions.

As the Bronze Medal Winner for Beaver Computational Thinking Competition 2020, Nurul Syafeera walks away with a prize bronze medal award and certificate. Other winners include Karen Wong Yee Teng, Muhammad Raif Bin Ismail, and Sharifah Nur Irdina Binti Syed Ahmad Zukhairi who received honourable mention certificates. Also, Nizzatul Husna Binti Mohd Nashrol Hisham who has received a certificate of participation.

Congratulation to all these A-level students for the well-deserved victory, they have worked hard for both Kangaroo Maths Competition and Beaver Computational Thinking Competition this year.

Winner’s List

Bronze Award Medal

Nurul Syafeera

Honorable Mention List


Muhammad Raif Bin Ismail

Karen Wong Yee Teng


Sharifah Nur Irdina


23 August 2020


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