Jom Breakfast 2020

Volunteers preparing the meals for the residents of Pusat Transit Gelandangan.

Students from Sekolah Bimbingan Jalinan Kasih receive their breakfast.

Volunteers from UOW Malaysia KDU distributing the face mask.

By Student and Alumni Centre (SAC)

For five consecutive years, UOW Malaysia KDU has partnered with Institut Onn Ja’afar in organizing the Jom Breakfast initiative. This project aims to provide breakfast for underprivileged communities who are resident at Pusat Transit Gelandangan, and students of Sekolah Bimbingan Jalinan Kasih & the Karen Group Refugees Centre.

This Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative was set up to serve underprivileged communities; ensuring they have a proper breakfast, regardless of their racial and ethnic background.

It also is a platform where youth to are exposed to volunteering activities and community work at a young age. UOW Malaysia KDU believes this will empower and prepare the next generation with a heart for the less fortunate members of the wider community, and also with the skillsets to make a contribution towards overcoming national poverty.

During these trying times, besides breakfast meals, the team has also distributed face masks to these communities.

The volunteers were involved throughout the whole process: from the preparation to the packaging and distribution of the meals. With the face masks on at all times, smiles were hidden underneath as the volunteers distributed the meals.

Lydia Amira, one of our volunteers, recalled how JOM BREAKFAST has helped her to be more aware of the community’s needs. She believes that initiatives like this teach students to have empathy for the less-privileged and inspire them to think of new ways to serve the community. She believes that if more people are willing to partner with these Non-Government Organizations, we can overcome poverty on a large scale in our life-time and make Malaysia a better place for our future children.


02 September 2020




UOW Malaysia KDU

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