Happy International Student Fellowship Day

Liang Qiao from China with Mr Syarif (IO)

Zainab Khokhar from Pakistan

By UOW Malaysia KDU

The 17th November 2020 marked International Students’ Day, a global observance of international student community and multi-culturalism. In recognition of the day UOW Malaysia KDU University College, International Office collaborated with F&N to celebrate with the theme “Happy International Students Fellowship Day”.

At UOW Malaysia KDU we believe that international students are a important contributor to the global mindedness of the student body, and fostering greater tolerance and acceptance. We believe that strength comes through diversity and that every international student should be encouraged to exercise independent thinking and should be empowered to voice their opinions, regardless of whether it is related to their studies or their personal daily life. This quality should be carried throughout their life journey through helping others who are unable to voice out.

In order to acknowledge our international student involvement both on campus and within society while residing in Malaysia, the International Office distributed complementary F&N drink products to our international students who are still residing within the country. This initiative was driven by a desire to strengthen our relationship with the international student body and show our love and care, as they are unable to go back home to their home countries during this pandemic period. Besides, it was an opportunity for Malaysian members of the campus community to ensure our international students feel safe and sound through expressing our kindness and support during this pandemic period.

We would like to convey our gratitude and support to our co-partner F&N beverage for sponsoring the UOW Malaysia KDU international student day celebrations.

Laila Zahran Mohammed Al-Sibani from Oman

Beatrice Salim & Patricia Octannia from Indonesia

Bakasa Tendai from Zimbabwe 

Parth Dev from India

Janaanu Athif Naseer from Maldives with Mr Syarif (IO)

Abdalrahman Khaled from Egypt

Zaimah Kamalin from Brunei


17 November 2020


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