Group Counselling: Self-Discovery Journey

Group counselling poster.

Counselling Tool – Metaphoric card.

By UOW Malaysia KDU

Self-discovery is a lifelong journey of exploration to better understand our inner self. It is an ongoing process to discover who we are, our purpose in life, our potential and the core values that makes us who we are.

As self-discovery is an important step in living an authentic life, the Career and Counselling Unit, Student and Alumni Centre saw it fit to organise a confidential Group Counselling event to help the students understand themselves better in their different stages of development. “Self-Discovery Journey” was held on the 6th of July 2022 to better equip the students with the knowledge of self-awareness, the first step in self-discovery. The event allowed students to explore their personal interests as well as their hopes, aspirations, and dreams for the future. This will eventually open the door for the students to learn more on  self-knowledge which will enable them to guide themselves towards situations and experiences in which they will thrive.

During the event, the counsellor used metaphoric cards as a counselling tool to help students explore their own thought and feeling through projection. Projection is the process of displacing one’s feelings onto a different person, animal, or object. Hence, projection allows a person’s difficult trait to be addressed without the individual fully recognizing it in themselves.

The students were given the opportunity to willingly share their own thoughts and feelings in a comfortable and safe environment and at the same time provide positive support to each other.


05 August 2022




UOW Malaysia KDU

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