Communication Students Collaborate with Wao to Raise Awareness On Domestic Violence And Sexual Harassment

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Management Team (from top left: Dharshini, Beatrice, Ee Ling, Elisa, Elisha, Aliana, Jess and Fazleen)

By UOW Malaysia KDU

On 31st July 2021, as part of their Event Management class, students of the School of Communication & Creative Arts (SCCA) successfully drew in more than 120 participants for their Virtual Event “Get Ovary-It”. The event attracted the collaboration of the Women’s Aid Organization (WAO) and several sponsors.

Ever since the COVID-19 lockdown, Malaysia has seen domestic violence and sexual abuse increased significantly, and just in 2020 alone, close to a thousand cases of sexual assault involving children (beyond 18 years old). We as Malaysians must raise awareness of these issues and do our very best to protect others from abuses, especially women and children. Get Ovary-It was organized to help women and children escape these acts of violence and educate the public on domestic violence and sexual harassment.

The event began with the opening session by Kaberi Dutta of the Women’s Aid Organization (WAO). Kaberi shares various issues impacting domestic violence and helpful initiatives that WAO has started to address these issues.

It is then followed by three out podcast guest speakers who were also very passionate about combating domestic violence and sexual harassment: Fashion Model Joanna Joseph (the founder of livetoinspire and a mental health advocate), Malaysian-Finnish actress Mawar (social media influencer and also a young mother), and Tan Yuki (a well-known dancer and a content creator). Each of the ladies opened up about their own traumatizing stories regarding domestic violence and sexual harassment.

Get Ovary-It event surprised everyone with performances by guest singers Julia Duclos and Hee En Hui. They both stole the show for the night. Participants took part in the giveaways, lucky draws and Kahoot games (The giveaway was carried out on the Get Ovary-It Instagram account (@getovaryit2021). The lucky spin roulette chose the winners. The lucky draws the lucky spin roulette also chose winners.)

Indeed, something great came out of the lockdown. We are proud of the UOW Malaysia KDU Communication Students for their initiative and great success in pulling off this virtual event, attracting great collaboration and amazing sponsors. We are proud of each event committee: Beatrice Loo Yue Jia, Dharshini Murthy, Aliana Azizi, Puteri Sharifah Fazleen, Elisa Nur, Kong June Elisha, Koh Ee Ling, and Tan Hui Wun.

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13 September 2021


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