Australia Day BBQ

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Australian sizzle sausages

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By Intan Liyana binti Mohd Fadzil

The Australian Day BBQ fundraiser was held on the 4th of February 2020. The idea for this fundraiser came from a group of students from University of Canberra, Australia, whom currently doing their internship in Malaysia.

The objective of the fundraiser to raise money for the current Australian bushfire disaster, with a huge hope by adopting up to 7 koalas and donating funds to different relief organisations. 

“It’s sad to see what is happening to Australia and I really wanted to donate, even if it was just a little bit”- Joey, School of Engineering

Friendship bracelets were made by the Australian students, with some help from staff at SAC. These bracelets were sold for RM15 each. The bracelet purchased is part of the ticket for the BBQ session to indulge classis Australian sausage sizzle.

“If all the food is like this I need to go to Australia!” – Iman, School of Business

“Events like this are good because they bring awareness to things happening in other countries, whether that be good or bad” – Jeremy, School of Computing & Creative Media

As well as the classic food, a playlist of Australian songs was played. Also while the students were enjoying the Australian delicacy, they were entertained by Sherry and Jack, where they performed a variety of Australian and Malaysian songs.

Australia Day BBQ gave a memorable evening to the students with the delicious food and enjoyable performance.




07 February 2020


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