Love Playing Games vs Studying Game Development

The video game industry is thriving, and it shows no signs of slowing down any time soon. Many individuals like playing video games, and a growing number of students are deciding to turn their enthusiasm for gaming into a profession in video game development. 

With a degree in game development or game design, you’ll be able to break into one of the most exciting industries on the globe. In this article, let’s take a look at why it is an exciting programme that you can pursue.

What is game development?

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The process of bringing a video game to life is known as game development. Coding, software programming, sound effects, engineering, rendering, testing, and a variety of other activities are all part of the process of development.


A video game developer turns a game designer’s ideas and concepts into a finished product that can be sold on the market. Their primary prerequisite is exceptional coding and programming abilities.


To build a playable game, game developers merge the designers’ thoughts, sketches, drawings, layouts, and narratives into thousands of lines of code.

There are several factors that go into the creation and development of a video game:

  1. Beginning with a tale: Any game must begin with a story. Its structure might be linear or nonlinear. The most vital aspect is that there should be an engaging plot with which the player can identify.
  2. Audio: Audio is an important component of video games since it generates emotion, subjugates the human mind, and defines the tone of the tale as it unfolds. Although audio does not make a game fantastic, it does help to construct the environment, convey emotion, and tell a story.
  3. Characters: If you’re going to write a tale, you’ll need characters. This is one of the most important aspects of every video game. You must choose the personalities of each character in the tale.
  4. Art: Art determines how the game feels. Game texturing, lighting, 3D modelling of characters and objects, and particle systems that produce fire, fog, snow, and other effects are all examples of art in video games.
  5. Lighting: Lighting is extremely important since it creates the tone for the player. Less illumination is associated with horror or thriller games, and more lighting is associated with adventurous or enjoyable games.

Game developers have to take into account all these factors in order to produce winning games.

Can you study game development?

Yes, you can. A game development degree programme typically lasts three years.

Depending on the Foundation or Pre-University programme you choose, your total years in higher education may vary. In Malaysia, the majority of game development degrees that teach programming require a C in SPM for Mathematics and Additional Mathematics.

For your convenience, below are some general degree admission requirements:

  • STPM: at least 2Cs
  • A-Level: 2Es
  • Foundation: 2.0 CGPA
  • ATAR of 55-60 in AUSMAT/SACEi
  • Canadian Pre-U: An average of 55 percent to 60 percent in six courses.

Different universities may have different entry criteria. So do research to see if you’re eligible for the university and/or course you want.

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What should I study to become a game developer?

The majority of gaming developers have a formal academic background, with a bachelor’s degree at the very least.

Employers favour people who have finished degree programmes because they have a deeper scientific background, which is required for game creation. Check with local universities to see if they offer any degree programmes that will help you pursue a career as a game programmer.

While going to a full-time college is the most common way to receive a video game programmer degree, you may also earn one by enrolling in an authorised online school. Computer science and software engineering are two prominent disciplines for game creators.

Besides that, to work as a game developer, you must have strong coding abilities and a basic understanding of mathematics and physics. This is because, in order to design equations that can instruct computer systems to act in specified ways, you’ll need mathematical skills.

Calculus, trigonometry, and linear algebra, for example, are required for animation programming. Knowing physics can also assist you in comprehending concepts such as mass, inertia, and thermodynamics.

Who should pursue a degree in game development?

degree in game development
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Gaming developers must be familiar with a variety of game trends in addition to programming languages. It will assist if you are imaginative and can tell a good narrative.

Writers are employed to develop original tales of fresh adaptations of current comics, books, films, and other media. It will, however, help game creators in understanding linear and non-linear storytelling and narrative strategies.

In a linear tale, the players’ activities propel the plot ahead, but in non-linear games, the players’ actions dictate how the plot unfolds.

Understanding how tales progress and come to a satisfactory conclusion may provide you with a valuable perspective while developing the increasingly complex code required for such narratives.

They must also possess strong analytical talents, excellent interpersonal skills, and the ability to operate in a group setting. This is because it’s most likely that you’ll be working as a team alongside others when developing games.

Should I study game development if I love playing games?


love playing games
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Yes, you should. This appears to be a question many ask when considering a career in gaming. However, you’d be astonished at how many individuals are drawn to the business by the large sums of money made by successful gaming studios.

While there is money to be made as a game developer, it should be the very last reason you consider becoming one.

Game development requires a lot of creativity. It’s a popular position that incorporates a nice mix of creativity, entertainment, and technology.

So, if you are a proficient programmer with a passion for creating video games, it is a good career choice.

Is learning game development hard?

Similar to every programme in uni, learning something new will be challenging. You will have to go through time constraints and unexpected changes or challenges that require innovative solutions.

Moreover, it’s more than likely that you will be working on group projects when in college or university. Hence, you’ll need to be able to provide and receive constructive criticism, collaborate successfully with others, and communicate effectively with your teammates.

Game design is a highly vocational subject, with an emphasis on practical skills rather than academic theory and learning. Everything you learn will be valuable in your future work, so you’ll be pushed to think like a game designer or developer from the very beginning.

You’ll be given the tools and flexibility to pursue your own ideas, and designing and prototyping your own games will be part of the curriculum. You’ll need to pitch them and hone your digital asset production, wire-framing, and 3D modelling abilities.

Nevertheless, with hard work and perseverance, you will be able to reap the benefits you sow in your tertiary education when you move on in your future endeavours.

Game development courses in university

The technological and creative underpinning of the development of ubiquitous gaming applications or apps is the subject of Games Development.

It’s a topic of study that focuses on the technology and tools required to create single-player and multiplayer video games for personal computers, gaming consoles, and networks.

A Games Development degree is just what you need whether you are a graphic designer, programmer, or game fan who wants to concentrate in this field of study.

Bachelor’s degree programmes in video game design delve further into topics including interactive design, colour theory, and digital imagery. Students can also specialise in certain parts of game creation.

In UOW Malaysia KDU, our Degree in Game Development programme cultivates our students with production processes and knowledge of what is required to make successful games. We strive to make our students excel in not only Game Technology but also Game Design and Game Art.

degree in Game development
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How long does it take to learn game development?

Each university has its own programme duration. In UOW Malaysia KDU, our programmes have a duration of 3 years.

The following are some of the subjects that will be taught under this course:

  • Fundamentals of Game Design
  • Fundamentals of Game Technology
  • Fundamentals of Game Development
  • Fundamentals of Game Art
  • Human Computer Interaction for Games
  • Game Business & Marketing
  • Digital Imaging
  • Animation Principles
  • Introduction to 3D Modeling
  • Game World Creation
  • Games Narrative
  • Multiplayer Game Design
  • Mobile Game Development
  • Object Oriented System Analysis and Design
  • 3D Game Programming
  • Artificial Intelligence for Games

What careers can I pursue?

Graduates with degrees in game development can pursue a variety of careers. Skilled game developers are needed at every stage of the design process, including early writing and storyboarding, level programming, animation, and testing.

The majority of professionals concentrate on one or two areas that best suit their interests and abilities.

Here are some examples of what students with game development degrees can pursue:

  • 3D artist
  • Video game developer
  • Game level designer
  • Video game programmer
  • Professional gamer
  • Character development artist
  • Environment development artist
  • Audio engineer
  • Graphics designer
  • Software developer
  • Cybersecurity analyst

What is the average salary of a game developer?

The salary ranges differ with various employers as well as the skillset and experience you have. However, the average yearly salary of a game developer in Malaysia is RM 36, 000.

Concluding remarks

Studying game development has its own perks and disadvantages. At the end of the day, it is up to you to choose the best programme, and this programme can be the one for you if you love playing games, creating one and have a passion for technology.

To learn more about this programme in detail, you can drop your enquiries on our website.


19 November 2021


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