Scholarship In Malaysia: Where To Get One And How To Apply?

There are a variety of reasons why a student might need to apply for financial aid or be given funds to attend school. Due to those reasons, many students opt to get those awards to get into the university of their dreams.

In this article, let’s talk about scholarships and how to get yourself into one of those programmes.

What are the types of scholarships available?

Scholarships are sometimes misunderstood to be available solely for the brightest students who achieve the highest scores on a specific examination. 

However, this isn’t totally accurate, but it’s reasonable to say that most scholarships are given out based on a combination of need and merit.

Scholarships are primarily given by government agencies, private higher education institutions, and other organisations in Malaysia. 

Corporations and companies from many industries, as well as non-profit foundations, might fall under the latter group. There are also other scholarships available from non-Malaysian organisations.

Here are some examples of the types of scholarships you can choose from:

1. Scholarships for minorities

For the college-bound student of colours, there are a plethora of minority scholarships available. These scholarships can be broad or narrow in their ethnic requirements, with some available to all minority students and others tailored to help a specific ethnic community. 

These scholarships are funded by a variety of sources, including the federal government, colleges, and companies.

Individuals and organisations fund a huge number of minority scholarships targeted at broadening various segments of the professional field. These awards may be made to students with specific specialities, such as engineering, medicine, or mathematics.

2. Athletic scholarships

Athletic scholarships are among the most well-known and competitive merit grants available. Students who want to be considered for an athletic scholarship must have a high degree of talent in their chosen sport as well as a strong academic background. 

Athletic scholarships
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Scholarships are available in practically every sport, including volleyball, golf, tennis, football, swimming, and gymnastics. A merit scholarship in their sport might open the door to the college of their choice for the proper student-athlete.

3. Academic scholarship

Academic awards, one of a variety of high-profile merit scholarships, are given to students who have a track record of academic excellence. 

These scholarships are given to students who have the highest GPA, the most spectacular extracurricular activities, and a history of public service.

They can also be useful after college as an introduction to the corporate world and as a means to enhance the appeal of a strong resume.

4. Need-based scholarships

It is extremely typical to apply for economic scholarships based on financial necessity. These benefits are only available to people who can demonstrate financial hardship. 

The total quantity of money they make or have access to isn’t a major consideration. It usually boils down to whether or not they will be able to afford to attend the institution to which they have been admitted.

It is more difficult to decide which students will receive such a college scholarship than it is to determine which students will receive merit-based scholarships. 

There are generally certain additional needs to help this selection process go more smoothly. For example, a specific GPA or pursuing a degree in a specific profession may be required.

5. Merit-based scholarships

There are various academic scholarships available for those who have excelled in school. You can apply for a merit-based scholarship to institutions that accept it if you feel you stand out from the crowd. It is not necessary to establish financial needs in this case.

The scope of a scholarship is determined by its terms and conditions as well as its offers. It might last a semester or the entirety of your degree programme.

It will, however, always be subject to conditions, the majority of which will be related to your grade point average (GPA). To be eligible for a merit-based scholarship, you must maintain a GPA over a specified threshold.

What is the best scholarship in Malaysia?

best scholarship in Malaysia
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If you recently passed your SPM and did really well, be assured that you will not be short of financial aid and scholarships to help you afford your future education. Here’s a list of scholarships in Malaysia that you can apply for:

  • ASEAN Scholarship Malaysia: This scholarship is offered by Singapore’s Ministry of Education for brilliant young students from ASEAN countries and China to study in Singapore. Malaysian students who want to study secondary one, three, or pre-university one in Singapore can opt for this.
  • IJM Scholarship: Those who are continuing their studies in a degree programme or are planning to can apply for this scholarship. 
  • MyBrainSc Scholarship: Malaysian Scientific stream students studying pure science degrees at undergraduate and postgraduate (full-time) levels in Malaysian public institutions (IPTA) and the world’s top universities are eligible for this scholarship programme.
  • Khazanah Watan Scholarship Programme: This distinguished grant provides brilliant and high-achieving Malaysians with the opportunity to pursue undergraduate and postgraduate courses at top local universities. However, strong leadership abilities and extensive involvement in extracurricular, social, or volunteer activities are required.
  • Khazanah Global Scholarships: This programme is offered to Malaysians who want to pursue undergraduate and postgraduate studies at selected leading universities around the world. 
  • Genting Malaysia Scholarship Award (GENM Scholarship): This offers young Malaysians the chance to pursue their education in Malaysia or abroad. However, it is only applicable to certain fields of study.

Scholarship in Malaysia for international students

One of the finest decisions a student can make is to study in Malaysia. To begin with, studying in Malaysia is less expensive than in other nations. 

Moreover, finding financial support that totally or partially covers your entire expenses as an international student seeking to study in Malaysia is not a far-fetched idea. 

Every year, the Malaysian government and universities give a variety of scholarships, loans, and other financial help to international and local students. 

Bursaries, grants, education funds, tuition waivers, and loans are several forms of scholarships available to overseas students in Malaysia.

Here are some of the financial aids you can apply to as a non-Malaysian:

  • Malaysia Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Plan
  • Malaysian International Scholarship
  • Malaysia Government Scholarship
  • United Nations University IIGH Scholarship
  • TWAS/USM Postgraduate Fellowship for Young Scientists Malaysia
  • Albukhary Foundation Scholarship
  • The Star Education Fund
  • Yayasan Tunku Abdul Rahman Scholarship
  • Kuok Foundation
  • Sin Chew Daily Education Fund

Scholarship Malaysia to study abroad

scholarship study abroad
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Almost every student wishes to study in a foreign country. Their dreams, however, may be dashed when they realise they lack the financial means to do so. The good news is that several scholarships exist to help you study abroad.

Here’s a list of those scholarships:

  • Singapore’s ASEAN Scholarships for Malaysians
  • JPA Scholarship under Engineering Programme
  • IJM Scholarship Award Programme
  • Bank Negara Scholarships 
  • Shell Malaysia Overseas Undergraduate Scholarship Awards
  • Genting Malaysia GENM Scholarship Awards
  • UEM Group Berhad Overseas Scholarship Programme

Why are scholarships important?

why scholarship important
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No one’s education should be hampered because of a family’s financial situation. One of the most important societal advantages of scholarships is that they provide us with engineers, physicians, academics, nurses, attorneys, and scientists from backgrounds where standard college financial help would be difficult to come by. 

It is better for us as a society to have more people in these professions since it helps us cover any job shortages that might otherwise exist.

Scholarships, without a doubt, aid students in their academic endeavours. Since it is a requirement that students continue to receive fellowships based on their previous semester’s performance, they are put to the test to show their worth through grades and research papers. 

When you receive a scholarship, you will be able to network with other scholarship recipients. So, when the time comes to look for a job, you’ll already have contacts in the sector, giving you a significant advantage over other applicants.

How can I get a scholarship in Malaysia?

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to applying for a scholarship. Every scholarship application has its unique set of procedures and requirements.

Many scholarships are awarded yearly. Find out ahead of time when a certain scholarship is usually open for applications. 

Inquire with your professors or seniors who may have already applied for the same scholarship. You’ll be better prepared to submit your application if you know when to anticipate it, especially for scholarships with a shorter application time than others.

You’ll also need to be aware of all the documents you need to submit together with your application. For example, your exam transcripts. If you’re applying for more than one scholarship, prepare a few copies of the necessary documents at one to go to save time. Having a separate file for each one you apply for will help to keep you organized. 

It’s a good idea to keep track of the application deadlines while completing your study. Make a note of it on your calendar to remind you to complete your application. 

Most organisations receive a large number of applications and are adamant about not considering late submissions.

UOW Malaysia KDU Scholarships

Here at UOW Malaysia KDU, we believe in providing each student with the same opportunities when it comes to tertiary education Hence, we have various scholarships and bursaries readily available for our talents; which are:

  • UOW Malaysia KDU Excellence Award Scholarship
  • High Achievers Scholarship
  • Diving Dreams Scholarship
  • Professional Accountancy Scholarship
  • UOW Malaysia KDU Graduate Research Scholarship
  • Vice-Chancellor Scholarship
  • Vice-Chancellor Merit Award
  • HOPE Bursary
  • Alumni Discount 
  • Family Discount
  • Gateway to Australia Bursary
  • Creative Diploma Bursary 
  • Outstation Community Foundation Bursary
  • Pre-School Teacher Bursary
  • Frontliner Bursary

How do you get a 100% scholarship?

A full scholarship is one that pays for all of your educational expenditures. Depending on their history, talents, and competence, anyone can be considered for this scholarship. 

The majority of students receive 100%  scholarships as a result of their academic record, athletic ability, leadership, or merit. 

However, colleges may give various sorts of scholarships for a variety of reasons, and they may be offered by the school, the state or federal government, or private groups.

Must students pay back scholarships?

Scholarships are awards given to students for their academic or athletic achievements, and they are absolutely free of charge, so you don’t have to pay them back. However, you must bear in mind that if you fail to fulfil certain conditions, you will lose your scholarship or be required to reimburse it.

Other financial aid options

If you don’t receive a scholarship, you can always opt to seek other financial aid alternatives. They are:


Many people are able to obtain an education thanks to scholarships. To learn more about how you can be one of those people, drop your enquiries about aid here.


20 November 2021


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