Emerald Alyssa Lu Yen Chian

UOW Malaysia KDU University College

“I was lucky to receive a job offer for Club Med as a bartender while I was doing my internship in Club Med Cherating Kuantan. After graduating from UOM Malaysia KDU, I continued working with Club Med as a contract “GO”-Gentle Organizer, which allowed me to travel to different Club Med properties around the world.”

“This opportunity also widens my knowledge and exposure to many different working cultures. Working in this hospitality industry, one needs to be more outgoing and be adaptable.”

“What makes Club Med so special is the fun working environment, surrounded by friendly colleagues and guests from different nationalities. I also had the opportunity to learn many other foreign languages while working here.”

“In May 2014, I was offered to move to Maldives Kani Club Med, and it has been one of the greatest experiences I ever had on this paradise island. I’m truly grateful to be part of Club Med. If it wasn’t for my internship, I don’t think I would have discovered Club Med. I want to thank my General Manager, Merlin Chelilah, who has been supporting and offered me to work with Club Med.”

Lim Hui Shin

UOW Malaysia KDU Penang University College

Aside from feeling incompetent for the job, I was feeling emotional stress and anxious knowing that we are the frontline workers, which also means we could at anytime be in close contact with a positive COVID-19 patient. Knowing that we are here to take care of the patients, helping them to recover so that they can be united with their loved ones again. This has become a great motivation and drive for me as we worked around the clock in the SHDU.

This is an unprecedented time as many would say, effective communication within the hospital, the information and updates need to be very clear, timely, and accurate. It is mandatory for us as nurses to update the spokespersons daily on the patients’ progress and recovery. We are also here to provide emotional support and be empathetic to the COVID-19 patients. The patients will not see their loved ones physically until they are discharged. Therefore, it is our responsibility to ensure they are taken care of emotionally as well.

There is a silver lining behind this dark cloud; there are blessings found even during this challenging time of COVID-19. First, I experienced tremendous love and support from my own family while being in the frontline. Second, I have a deeper understanding and appreciate all the frontliners around the world who committed to overcoming this pandemic. I now see being a nurse as a great calling, and I do believe nurses play a cardinal role in the healthcare industry. When it comes to saving lives, nurses do not play second fiddle.

Yes, I believe over the years the role of nursing has been underappreciated. But thankfully, we are seeing a great shift. The public is now a lot more aware on the contribution and the vital role of the nurses. In fact, many news articles today have attributed the nurses to be a pivotal role in the patients’ recovery journey.

I am truly humbled by the growing changed of perspective towards nurses. Even in this COVID-19 pandemic, we are noticing how society and school leavers now are viewing nursing as a very noble and respected profession.

Amy Soon

UOW Malaysia KDU University College

“One of my most enjoyable memories from my school days was in UOW Malaysia KDU. Not only did it prepare me for my next step in hospitality management, but I also had the opportunity to work together with our lecturers and hospitality coursemates to organize successful events. These experiences that I gained became very valuable in my line of work. I highly recommend UOW Malaysia KDU to any students who are interested in starting a career in both the hospitality and culinary industry.”

Beatrice Wong Su Yin

UOW Malaysia KDU University College

“I learned a lot in UOW Malaysia KDU with all their guidance both inside the classroom and outside. This is especially true with regards to my final year dissertation/thesis. In my final year, the lecturers guided me, and I honed my critical thinking skills and learned to think outside the box, which served me well when I joined the workforce.”

“All the things I have gained from this institution has enabled me upon graduation to land a great career as Starwood’s Malaysia National Sales Team, which was what I wanted. This was facilitated by lecturers who believed in and guided me along this path. Lastly, I am proud to be a UOW Malaysia KDU student.”

Jeannette S. Wilson

UOW Malaysia KDU University College

“I decided to pursue my Degree in Hospitality after one and a half years of working in the hotel industry. Initially, I was worried about whether will I be able to adapt back to student life after working for some time. But after enrolling in UOW Malaysia KDU, I realised that all my worries were unnecessary, and my student life experience here turned out to be an unforgettable one.”

“I made a long of friends while studying in this institution, and the lecturers were ever so dedicated and will always go all out to help us and guide us in our studies and assignments. The lecturers often would help us even after lecture hours despite being busy with their daily tasks. When I start working as an Events Executive for The Gardens Hotel & Residence, I realised it is a tremendous sacrifice for the lecturers to keep making time for us outside the classroom and working hours.”

“Besides that, the knowledge and skills that I gained in this institution were very relevant to my workplace and industry now. My years at UOW Malaysia KDU are something that I look back often with a fond smile on my face.”

“Knowledge absorbed. Relationships built. Lessons learned. Priceless.”

Nurilkarim Razha

UOW Malaysia KDU University College

“My experience in UOW Malaysia KDU was filled with more good times than anywhere and anything else. When I was a diploma student here, the Chef lecturers cared deeply about us. They did everything they could to ensure we learned the skills and understood the hospitality industry before we step even into the industry. These preparations actually gave us extra advantage ahead of our peers and others.”
“I was given a glimpse into what the real grind would be like in the professional kitchen, and we were placed continuously in a “pressure cooker” environment. These experiences and training developed professionalism in us and greater knowledge for our work, even while we were students.”
“The lecturers treated and trained us like adults even though at times we as students can be a little bit spoilt and childish. But because they believed in us, all of us students became more responsible and mature in the process.”
“My fondest memory was seeing the students in the School of Hospitality, Tourism & Culinary Arts (SHTCA) with a particular skill or talent, willingly helped and shared their knowledge with other students. The campus culture here was collaborative and helping one another to succeed. Because of the help of many of my friends, I was able to travel to other countries for cooking competitions.”
“The student support and collaborative culture have caused us, the students, to have a stronger bond and deeper friendships with the lecturers as well as one another. I am truly appreciative of all these people in UOW Malaysia KDU.”
“UOW Malaysia KDU is a place that students will graduate and leave with a heavy heart, because of the great memories, meaningful learning, and fun campus experience.”

Bryan Lee Soon Loong

UOW Malaysia KDU University College

“Studying at UOW Malaysia KDU has paved my career path in the Hospitality industry. The lecturers here have vast experience in the hospitality industry, which allows us to understand more and prepare us for the real world. I also received lots of hands-on experience during my internship as I had the opportunity to work with the Hilton group.”

Eric Shaun Seaton

UOW Malaysia KDU Penang University College

“I remembered joining this institution while it was still a college (before it became UOW Malaysia KDU). It was a unique experience for me because I could pursue a UK degree in a local university environment. In other words, I was learning the same thing UK students were learning, but I was doing it here in the comfort of my homeland. There were 20 of us who enrolled in the UK program. We were learning course syllabus and course materials as those in the UK through an online platform called Blackboard. Guess what? We even had summer breaks in Malaysia between our 2nd and 3rd year!”

“During the two years, I began to understand and comprehend the phrase, “think globally, act locally” because I was pursuing an international program, but I was completing the degree locally. The principles, case studies, theories, and insights that I have learned from the program, must be applied correctly to the local context I am currently in. And now appointed as an officer in the state government, this idea of “thinking globally, acting locally” does come in handy. For example, the information and knowledge I continuously obtained from various globalized sources are then modified for implementation to suit local communities and cultures.”

Eric works for the Penang State Government and currently serves as the Special Officer to the Chief Minister of Penang.

“As an officer in the state government, I enjoy serving the people of Penang regardless of race, religion, gender, social and economic backgrounds. Part of my job would require me to combat and eradicate fake and unverified news on social media, ensuring people are well informed with the latest and credible news and updates. Besides that, we also work on other projects that are beneficial for the livelihood and the well-being of the people in Penang.”

Ooi Fang Yeow

UOW Malaysia KDU Penang University College

“My student life in UOW Malaysia KDU was enjoyable. I met a group of passionate people, skillful and dedicated lecturers. Overall, it is totally a fun experience to study in UOW Malaysia KDU. Again, the lecturers here are amazing, they are great communicators and very patient with us making sure we truly understand the lectures. I’m glad that I am a UOW Malaysia KDU students.”

“I would say UOW Malaysia KDU is an institution with a complete facility and top-notch education system. That’s why I was able to complete my study smoothly here. I also met my mentor here at UOW Malaysia KDU, he inspired me to pursue my dream and career. I always believe passion will overcome every hardship.”

“Since I started my interior design career, I always enjoy helping people bring their dream house or project to reality. The joy of creating beautiful and efficient space and place for the society, knowing that you are making people’s lives and their living space better is priceless.”

Fang Yeow is as the managing director of Vault Design Lab, a leading full-service interior design firm based in Penang, Malaysia.

Naeem Hussaini

UOW Malaysia KDU University College

“Studying at UOW Malaysia KDU was an amazing experience. For me, making new friends with people from different backgrounds been the highlight while studying here. I believe many of the great friendships fostered inside the campus environment could only happen here and not elsewhere. Not only were the lecturers here are fantastic, but the support staffs were very friendly and helpful to the students. I hope all the students here can enjoy their time at UOW Malaysia KDU just like I did. I wish UOW Malaysia KDU the very best and to all the students, the best of luck in your studies.”

Ryan Kwang Zheng Rasiah

UOW Malaysia KDU University College

If there is one thing I must commend this institution for, it would have to be the lecturers. Speaking for the A-Level Science course lecturers, i.e. physics, further maths, maths, and chemistry lecturers, they are all state of the art, top class, friendly, amazing people. These lecturers are fantastic people, and the impact they left in my life is priceless.

My lecturers not only dealt with my theatrical antics, but they always knew how to conduct the lectures in a very effective, interactive, and entertaining way. They made courses and subjects that would have been a snooze fest transforming it into one that kept me awake and attentive. Therefore, I respect my lecturers above all else, and I believe the lecturers here itself would be a good enough reason why anyone should consider studying in UOW Malaysia KDU. These lecturers are very dedicated to their work and their students: you can sense both their deep passion for their art and their love for students every time they teach.

I left UOW Malaysia KDU a proud and grateful graduate, thanks to the guidance and experience in UOW Malaysia, I ended up achieving three A* for my A-Level. Besides the support of my family, I believe the lecturers here have played a significant role in my excellent academic result. For those who are still considering whether to be enrolled in this institution, let me ensure you choosing UOW Malaysia KDU could be one of the best choices you could ever make in your life. My final encouragement to all future students is this: always learn to be aware of your strengths. Keep working on your weaknesses knowing whatever hardships you may face, and they are only temporary obstacles that will ultimately help you to grow both as a student and a human.

Foo Lee Ying

UOW Malaysia KDU University College

I’m a UI designer from an indie Malaysian game company and have released multiple international games that have since won many awards locally and internationally alike. While studying in UOW Malaysia KDU as a student and now being a professional in the industry I quickly realised that there was a much needed space for marginalised folks who were working in games that gave me the push to start a community hangout called WiGout for women and underrepresented folks in games based in KL. It has since grown slowly and maintained a safe place for folks who work in games. All this could not be possible if I did not choose to pursue games as a career and as a degree UOW Malaysia KDU gave me the opportunity to pursue that. Kaigan Games is one of the leading indie game developers in South East Asia. Over the past 6 years, their games like Sara is Missing and SIMULACRA, has garnered over 7 international awards, millions of downloads with and a growing Discord fanbase with more than 10,000 members. Their game SIMULACRA won the Best Mobile Game, Indie Prize USA 2018; and the Excellence in Storytelling, International Mobile Game Awards SEA.

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