Alumni Stories

Hani Farhana (Hunny Madu)

UOW Malaysia KDU University College

After completing SPM in SMK Damansara Utama, Hani or better known as Hunny Madu, a TV host-cum-rap artiste as she is popularly known among Malaysian entertainment industry for her multi-talents. She always driven past UOW Malaysia KDU College and one day decided to stop by to check out the courses offered on a whim. According to Hunny, “I went to other places to do the same but felt UOW Malaysia KDU had a great twinning program with Perth. I also knew some seniors who went to Murdoch University to complete their degree and their transit from UOW Malaysia KDU College had been a great experience,” says Hunny. She is glad that she chose UOW Malaysia KDU in the end because she felt that the institution recognized her talent from the early days right away.

When asked on her fondest memories being in UOW Malaysia KDU, she said, “I owe a lot of great memories at UOW Malaysia KDU. I was roped in my first rap group there, hosted my first event, performed and met so many great minds alike and met a lot of good friends in UOW Malaysia KDU. I had friends from so many other courses too, from business students, diploma in communication to even the teaching staff.” Also, she remembered a hip hop concert was hosted at UOW Malaysia KDU and that was when she first saw Teh Tarik Crew (local hip hop group artist) performing and Mizz Nina (former musician, singer-songwriter, dancer and rapper) was rapping on stage. “She was the only active female rapper at the time and she certainly inspired me,” she added.

On how UOW Malaysia KDU was able to add value and provide a stepping stone in your present career today, Hunny reflects that UOW Malaysia KDU had recognised her passion and talent from the early days. UOW Malaysia KDU have given her a platform she did not know she wanted and believed in her from the start. “I remember my lecturer, Mr Sham who said to me ‘You’re a natural for radio. I hope you go for it when you graduate’,” she reflects.

“I got a distinction in that subject and funnily enough I did go on to do radio for 6 years and I believe people still remember me by my radio days. UOW Malaysia KDU also elected me as the face for Communication Studies and put me on the pamphlets and billboards and that was my first ever ‘print-work’ you would say.”

Raymond Tham

UOW Malaysia KDU University College

Mr. Raymond Tham is no stranger to pastry. Despite graduating with honours in Business Administration in the UK and hospitality management in UOW Malaysia KDU, Raymond’s passion in pastry led him to a scholarship to one of the world’s renowned culinary institute.

Raymond shared of his apprenticeship and working experience in England for 5 years which enabled him to develop vast skills in the art of patisserie. One of this key milestones was to create desserts for the wedding reception of Mr. Tom Parker Bowles, food writer and son of Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall. Amongst the many achievements such as becoming the Senior Chef-De-Partie with Fairmont Southampton in Bermuda, Chef Raymond decided to moved back home to Malaysia. He continued his professional journey in UOW Malaysia KDU University College and took up the challenge of teaching patisseries, chocolate and confections for 3 years. He won medals for UOW Malaysia KDU University College (Bronze & Silver medal Showpieces in FHA & HOFEXO). Chef Raymond assumed the position of Technical Advisor at Barry Callebaut Asia Pacific, which main responsibilities included conducting demonstrations and hands-on training for gourmet brands such as Cacao Barry, Callebaut, Sicao and Selbourne. Chef Raymond is the chef patron of Skillet@163 in Fraser Place Kuala Lumpur.

Within less than 2 years, Skillet had won a few accolades to name a few the best European 2015 by Timeout KL and Best independent restaurant 2016 by Expatriate lifestyle, Top 10 restaurant ranking in tripadvisor among 3000 restaurant around KL.

Gabriel Lau Chi Wen

UOW Malaysia KDU University College

“My neighbor was a student of UOW Malaysia KDU and spoke highly of it. I took her word and never looked at other institutions when I planned my tertiary education,” said Gabriel when asked on why he chose to study at UOW Malaysia KDU.

Gabriel has a few fond memories that he still remembers up till today. He made new friends and the things they did on campusare still fresh in his mind. Talking about how UOW Malaysia KDU has been able to add value in his present career, Gabriel mentioned that being a graduate of UOW Malaysia KDU gave him the confidence and allowed him to grow professionally.Gabriel’s passion for teaching was very much due to the experience he had working with his classmates in solving the challenging group assignments and projects during his time in UOW Malaysia KDU.

Gabriel is now training UOW Malaysia KDU students of today who will be leaders of tomorrow, and he shares his words of wisdom for other students to look up to, “Don’t steal or cheat,always have Integrity in your workplace”.

Shurain A/L K.Nageswaran

UOW Malaysia KDU University College

The reason contributed to his choice of joining UOW Malaysia KDU is because he interested in the program offered by UOWMalaysia KDU back then as a student. During Shurain’s college days, he was the President of the UOW Malaysia KDU Indian Culture Society. The fondest memories studying at UOW Malaysia KDU is when he was the President of the Indian Culture.

As a student, he studied telecommunication and computer engineering, with this experience and the dedicated lecturers at UOW Malaysia KDU the program supported him a lot in his current career, in a multinational leading telco company here, in Malaysia.

“My friends and the institution taught me to be independent,” said Shurain when asked on how UOW Malaysia KDU influenced his passion in life. He would love to contribute back to the UOW Malaysia KDU community in guiding and mentoring the students.

Shurain’s words of wisdom that inspire and motivate him in life – “If It’s to be, it’s up to me”

Christy Ng Chew Wei

UOW Malaysia KDU University College

Christy’s passion to pursue studies in the communication field, and UOW Malaysia KDU is well known for their communication program. “UOW Malaysia KDU is an industryoriented and handson institution, that prepare students for the real world, compared to other institution that mainly focuses on examinations. Therefore, this is why I joined UOW Malaysia KDU”.

The fondest memories Christy had was when she was with the student council and cheerleading team. “The people I met and hang out with, made me enjoy my 4 years of college life, whether it is during classes or during the events that I participated in.

According to Christy, she gained a lot of experience from the events that she planned and took part in, experience that can’t be taught during classes. “In addition, the Student and Alumni Centre gave me the opportunity to be part of the events, grooming me to plan events. When I finally step into the working world, during my internships period or as a career as a whole, it was easier for me to adapt easily to the real world, as I was already familiar and groomed during my time at UOWMalaysia KDU”.

UOW Malaaysia KDU influenced her passion in life by nurturing and teaching her things that is not taught in classrooms. I learnt to think on the pathway that I would like to lead my life, just not thinking but also to execute it properly, so that I meet my goals. It also influenced me to have anentrepreneurship mindset”.

“If I had a chance to contribute back to my alma mater, I would like to start with a sharing session on my experience as an alumni to new students whenever needed.”

Christy shared her words of wisdom that inspired and motivatedher life, “Every day is a fashion show, and the world is your runway. Make it worthwhile! Every day is a learning process. Keep learning. Never stop learning!”

UOW Malaysia KDU Alumni
Soh Sin Yearn (Serene)

UOW Malaysia KDU University College

Upon in-depth research and much consideration, Serene decided to join UOW Malaysia KDU. “UOW Malaysia KDU is a friendly and conducive environment to study. The institution also consist of dedicated staff members who are ever-ready to help on course enquiries,’’ she said.

Sharing her memories, she remember being a committee member for Professional Accounting Club (PAC) throughout her student years. We organised a variety of exciting events such as Prom Night, Charity Event, Firm Visit and so forth. Besides that, she also had fun whilst participating in the dance division of the Performing Arts Club (PARTS) with her fellow university mates.

Sasha Mohd Saidin

UOW Malaysia KDU University College

Sasha shared with us on the main reason she wanted to join UOW Malaysia KDU. It was her brother who actually influenced her with her university of choice. Her brother had joined UOW Malaysia KDU in the 90s and she promised herself that she would definitely go to UOW Malaysia KDU and graduate from there.

Having being an artiste at an early age since she left school, Sasha joined UOW Malaysia KDU when she was in her 20s. She made an oath to herself that she would return to studying after having her ‘gap year’. Finally after 10 years, she did her studies in UOW Malaysia KDU and took up Diploma in Business Administration. Passed with flying colours, Sasha was then accepted to her university of choice, University of East Anglia, which then she graduated with a BSc in Business Information Systems.

We asked Sasha on how has UOW Malaysia KDU influenced her passion in life, and she replied, “UOW Malaysia KDU showed me that I can go back to studying at any age and there shouldn’t be any discrimination between age, gender or race.” She further explained that she was given the same treatment as every other student in the class and each and every one in her class had to work hard without any favouritism.  This has set her up for life outside university and has later influenced on the way she teaches her children.

Sasha also shared that she would love to contribute back to UOW Malaysia KDU in any way that she can. With her status as an artiste, she will be able to spread awareness on spreading messages of goodwill. Also, since Sasha has been involved in many CSR programmes, this is a good platform for her to contribute back to UOW Malaysia KDU.

Lastly, Sasha believes that, “Positivity is essential in our daily lives, whether it be how we carry out our tasks or how we treat others in general. If we are able to look at the positive sides of things, it takes away the element of stress and tension. Learn to let go of things that are beyond our control, make the best of the situation, be positive and move on. Greater things are waiting beyond the horizon.”

UOW Malaysia KDU Alumni
John Kevin Navoa

UOW Malaysia KDU University College

Inspired by his cousins, John Kevin Navoa chose to study in UOW Malaysia KDU. “It was the main reason I wanted to go there so badly. My cousins descripted in detail about their fantastic lecturers and even more, the well-known culinary school itself.

His most memorable memory was being the only Filipino student in his class. This encouraged him to learn more about the Malaysian culture, especially its variety of food. “I enjoyed both learning the local culture and teaching bits and pieces of the Filipinos to my peers”.

One of his memories were his internship in Dewakan; a restaurant located inside UOW Malaysia KDU itself. With the fusion of two Malay words for “god” and “food”, Dewakan is known to be the modern appreciation of the abundance that this land is blessed with. Upon completion of his internship, he continued working as a part timer for this outstanding restaurant. John recalled of Chef Darren who was still a lecturer at that point of time. “From Dewakan, I learned to be professional by following high standards and never disregarding them for any reason. Upon completing my training under this high pressure and fast-paced environment, I was able to adapt in diverse areas,” he said.

According to John, UOW Malaysia KDU has influenced his culinary passion in life. “Our lecturers were committed about every lesson. Everything was on point and perfect. This slowly instill love for food in me. In time, I felt dedicated to make great food. In addition to that, our lecturers groomed us to communicate and move around professionally. However, the most important lesson learnt was to be able to adapt in different cultures.”

John would love to contribute back to the UOW Malaysia KDU community by making something out of himself, apply it in our cuisine and push the boundaries where no one has ever thought possible. He has applied everything he learned during his time spend in UOW Malaysia KDU and Dewakan. “If I become even more successful with my current endeavor, the credit would entirely go to the school and its lecturers. I hope this will encourage more students to enroll at UOW Malaysia KDU.”

Kenn Yeap

UOW Malaysia KDU University College

Mr. Kenn Yeap who completed his Diploma in Mass Communications and Bachelor Degree (Double Major) in Public Relations, Media Studies at UOW Malaysia KDU College came with much passion and shared his motto with our students; “It’s not that you can or not, but whether you want or not”.

Kenn worked with RTM English Radio Station as the Assistant Producer for the Morning Show and Drive Time Show, assisting the radio station in the collaboration between the Ministry of Communication and Multimedia and Ministry of Tourism. Kenn then joined Life Magazine, under Feminine Magazine as the only male journalist to run for news, and educational feature writer. He was then appointed as Private Secretary to Deputy Minister of Trade, Cooperative and Consumerist, Dato’ Tan Lian Hoe handling her daily schedule, parliamentary task and ministerial assignments.

In 2012, Ken joined ntv& as Public Relations, one of his highlights was that he was appointed as PR Officer for Dato’ Lee Chong Wei and Datin’ Wong Mew Choo’s wedding. Currently, Kenn is working in Media Prima TV Network, as Consumer and Marketing and Communications Group.

UOW Malaysia KDU Alumni
Chow Chan Khye

UOW Malaysia KDU University College

Chow Chan Khye was a lucky individual to earn UOW Malaysia KDU scholarship. Throughout his student years, he was an active person and represented UOW Malaysia KDU team for several competitions. Furthermore, he has learnt many life lessons and useful social skills from the institution.

“UOW Malaysia KDU has shown me that you don’t have to restrict yourself within a confined industry. The institution has sparked my passion and fuel me with purpose in life”, said Khye.

He wishes to give back to the UOW Malaysia KDU community by being an ambassador to further educate his fellow juniors and create awareness about UOW Malaysia KDU.

Tan Ngiap Han

UOW Malaysia KDU Penang University College

I’m very grateful to have studied in UOW Malaysia KDU Penang University College because I had a lot of good experiences and made connections here. The lecturers are very dedicated in their teaching and they provided a lot of guidance on and off classes. UOW Malaysia KDU Penang University College have up-to-date facilities like computer labs, library, games lounge and many more which makes interactive learning experiences that motivated me to improve my skillset.

The wide syllabus of Bachelor of Science in Computing Studies (Hons) provided me with an eye-opening view towards the latest trends in computing technologies, which benefited me in my career. UOW Malaysia KDU Penang University College provided me with many real-world experiences in developing projects for customers even before I graduated.

As a software engineer in Panasonic at Singapore, I now apply all the skills that I learned from UOW Malaysia KDU Penang University College to my company’s product development. I’ve many opportunities to contribute to society by being involved in community outreach programmes, street cleaning programmes and many more in my current company. I’m thankful to UOW Malaysia KDU Penang University College for giving me so much knowledge, skills and techniques which I can give back to the community now

Chin Yoon Khen

UOW Malaysia KDU Penang University College

I had a great time while studying at UOW Malaysia KDU Penang University College. UOW Malaysia KDU Penang University College is not only for local students but international students also further their studies here. I shared a home with international students, where we shared experiences, learned about our differences and had a real cultural exchange for a wider perspective of global viewpoints.

UOW Malaysia KDU Penang University College’ lecturers are very helpful, knowledgeable and caring. They contribute greatly to students’ academic performance and raise them towards a brighter future. One of the lecturers even recommended me for my first job as a Software Engineer in multinational corporation. I then discovered that UOW Malaysia KDU Penang University College at given me all the industrial-specific skillsets that employers look for.

As the founder and CEO of Loka Travel Sdn Bhd (, I contribute my best to develop the travel agency. Now, Loka Travel is one of the leading platforms in smart tourism and continues to spotlight in Malaysian tourism on the global stage and draws more international tourists to Malaysia as their travel destination of choice. Recently, lokalocal launched 101 experiences as part of the “Pride of Perak” campaign at IT Berlin, 2019.

I also wrote a book titled “Traditional Trades of Penang” to encourage tourists to visit Penang, one of the historical place in Malaysia. I’m glad to have studied at UOW Malaysia KDU Penang University College because UOW Malaysia KDU Penang University College strengthens my skills and knowledge to face booming industries. That lets me play a role in our country’ development.

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