We take pride in the fact that our lecturers are enthusiastic and passionate about passing on their expertise to the next generation. We keep our finger on the pulse of the market and continually engage with our respective professional networks to craft industry-ready graduates.

To maintain high standards in our teaching, the Teaching Award seeks to recognise outstanding lecturers who have embodied these qualities in the past year.

STAR Challenge 2021


The aim of the challenge was to bring out the message on the importance of community involvement and academic excellence that focuses on a chosen STAR Quality to all through a 60 second video and an article. Overall, 35 inspiring videos were showcased from all campuses.

These are the STAR Quality:

  • Speak Inspiringly of our Disciplines.
  • Teach our Subjects Innovatively.
  • Articulate Future Career Options Fluently.
  • Research Passionately to benefit the Wider Community.


The 4 winners for each category were:

Speak Inspiringly of our Disciplines

Loh Eugene
School of Computing and Creative Media
Selangor Campus

Teach our Subjects Innovatively.

Vanessa Serbastian
Built Environment
Penang Campus

Articulate Future Career Options Fluently

Dr. Yeap Gik Hong
School of Engineering, Computing & Built Environment
Penang Campus

Research Passionately to benefit the Wider Community

Murina Rose binti Pawanteh
School of Communication and Creative Arts
Selangor Campus


Two other winners under the Special Recognition Category

Most Votes on the Effectiveness of the Video Category

Hema a/p Madhavan
Teaching and Learning Centre
Selangor Campus

Most Votes on the Effectiveness of the Video Category

Sumiko Cheng
School of Hospitality, Tourism and Culinary Arts
Penang Campus

2020 UOW Malaysia KDU Staff Value Awards


The 2020 UOW Malaysia KDU Staff Value Award is to recognise employees who have performed exceptionally well during 2020, whilst upholding and exemplifying our Corporate Values, and deserved to be acknowledged amongst their peers and leaders.


Winner List:

1.  Overall Excellence award

a) Research Excellence Award*

Research Excellence Award is to recognise academics who have made significant contributions to the research by demonstrating distinction in their own research fields through quality publications, grant success and external awards. The recipient of this award is selected for their research output and scholastic strength in the academia arena.

  • Dr How Hoey Goek (Winner)


b) Teaching Excellence Award*

Teaching Excellence Award is to recognise academic staff with strong contributions to teaching and learning initiatives that have significantly improved students’ learning outcomes.

  • Rasslenda-Rass A/P Rasalingam (Highly Commended)
  • Madhavi A/P Canesion Murty (Highly Commended)
  • Cindy De Vosse ((Highly Commended)


c) Professional Excellence Award

Professional Excellence Award is to recognise staff who has exhibited high level of service and constantly excel in inspiring, motivating, and leading others to improve service delivery.

  • Julian Lee Eng Kim ((Highly Commended)


2. Passion Award

Passion Award is a recognition for staff who are passionate in their work and their passion permeates in all the work outcome. Their positivity also influences internal and external stakeholders constantly. Those who have worked with them will like their working attitude and their enthusiasm in getting works done.

  • Andrew Wilfred A/L Sandanam Samy (Highly Commended)
  • Lian Li Hung (Highly Commended)
  • Mitchell Liong Chee Chiun (Winner)


3. Integrity Award

Integrity Award is a recognition for staff who promote integrity and ethics in their working relationships with others. They constantly demonstrate integrity in their roles and uphold their positions in an honest, ethical, and professional way.

  • Melissa Moey Yoke Cheng (Highly Commended)
  • Kevin Lim Poh Wing (Highly Commended)


4. Courage Award

Courage is a recognition for staff who demonstrates confidence, initiative, drive, and commitment leading to enhancement in the organisation’s reputation.

  • Magesvari A/P Subramanian (Winner)


5. Innovation Award (Individual and Team)

Innovation is to recognise creative or innovative staff in the development of curricula, effective utilisation of resources or services that significantly improve the teaching and learning outcomes or overall end results. There are two recipients in this category, an individual and a team.


  • Sumiko Cheng Chun Yi (Highly Commended)

Team – Virtual Open Day Platform Development Team (Winner)

  • Dr. Yeap Gik Hong (Leader)
  • John Poh
  • Mitchell Liong Chee Chiun
  • Wilson Chee Chan Weng
  • Jess Lee Chai Ling


6. Collaboration Award (Individual and Team)

Collaboration Award consists of two categories: Team and Individual. It is a recognition for a team or individual who have collaborated effectively in sharing their knowledge, expertise, and resources, with a purpose of achieving positive results for the organisation.


  • Jessica Lau Ai Suan (Highly Commended)
  • Anna Lim Siew Fang (Highly Commended)

Team – Graduate Attributes Task Force (Highly Commended)

  • Gabriel Lau Chi Wen (Leader)
  • Dr. Tan Lee Ooi
  • Loh Lean Lee
  • Leong Mi-Chelle
  • Anna Lim Siew Fang
  • Loo Chong Hang
  • Dr. Jenny Wong Sook Khuan
  • Mitchell Liong Chee Chiun


7. Employee of the Year

This staff is an outstanding member of staff who encapsulates the values which bind us together and propel us forward towards accomplishing our shared vision of being a leading global education provider delivering transformative student experiences.

  • Gabriel Lau Chi Wen

Teaching Award Winners 2019


Mr. Hijjaz Hamidi bin Abdul Aziz is from the School of Communication and Creative Arts. He graduated with a Master of Art and Design (Visual Communication & New Media) from Universiti Teknologi Mara. In 19 August 2013, he joined KDU University College as a Lecturer. Prior to his attachment with the institution, he was devoted in his professional engagement for 6 years. He started his career as a Graphic Designer and moved on to be a Brand and Social Media Executive during his stint in the media industry. For the 2019 Teaching Award, Hijjaz shone in his approach to using toys for animations, re-enacting films for instagram stories, coding games, site map and practical experiments.


Ms. Aiswaryah A/P Lagalingam is from the American Degree Program Department. She graduated with a Master of Social Science (Anthropology and Sociology) from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia. She began her profession as a Tutor with a language academy upon graduation. After she worked as Tutor for a year, she joined KDU College in 23 May 2016 as a Lecturer. She was particularly impressive in the way she used badges regularly on OpenLearning to motivate her students. Her creative methods go beyond her intention to motivate and encourage her students. Her highest priority is to ensure her students are able to sustain knowledge and skills in their daily application in life.


Mr. Mohd Zamirul bin Mohd Dzaki is from the Centre for Pre-University Studies. He graduated with a Master of Social Science (Political Science) from Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) and started his career as a devoted part time reporter. Six years later in 2011, he jumped into the academic field as a Malaysia Studies lecturer. On 2nd September 2013, he joined KDU University College as a lecturer and was appointed as a Program Leader for MPU courses in 2018.

Mohd Zamirul was awarded the 2019 Teaching Award due to his great ability to engage students in his large lecture-style classes and in his use of blended learning to make MPU classes more interesting.

Teaching Award Winners 2018


Aidora from School of Computing and Creative Media, UOW Malaysia KDU University College introduced gamification in teaching and learning. That sparked positive response from the students and they enjoyed her teaching style very much.


Hema was a former academic from School of Pre-University Studies, UOW Malaysia KDU College . She is now attached to Teaching & Learning Centre. She has introduced creative technology in her classroom. Her approach has garnered better understanding among her students and it is indeed an achievement in terms of teaching methodology.


Sumiko Cheng is from the Hospitality and Tourism Department and teaches subjects on tourism and personal development skills. She is very passionate about Blended Learning and uses different types of digital tools to enhance her teaching and to engage the students in their learning. She continually looks out for and tries new and better tools to incorporate into her teaching. Her knowledge and expertise in Blended Learning has enabled Sumiko to conduct various workshops for both lecturers and secondary school teacher on the use of technology in teaching & learning. She is a Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert (MIEE) and a Wakelet Ambassador in Malaysia. With such enthusiasm and passion in teaching, she is much loved by her students, and she consistently garners very good teaching evaluation from the students.

Teaching Award Winners 2017


Karen has been teaching in the KDU American Degree Program for more than 9 years and has endeared herself to her students through her innovative teaching methodology and personality. Leaning on her background in Business and English, she taught Critical Thinking and Reading Skills, Introduction to Business, Human Resource Management and Marketing; all the while preparing her students for the rigours and cultural expectations of living and studying in the US based on her extensive experience during her time stateside. She always strives to leave an impact on her students and inculcate independent learning skills to enrich their study experience.


Timothy has been a joy for Communication students in SCCA for the past five years and has had a major impact moulding students in his field of expertise. Utilizing his skills in Public Relations and Advertising, Timothy teaches a broad range of subjects at Bachelor and Diploma level, focusing on Principles of Advertising, Strategic Brand Management, Media Relations, and Photo Communication. An avid photographer and videographer, many students in SCCA lean on his experience to hone their own skills based on his tutelage. He always seeks to infuse his big personality into his teaching and build well rounded students who are ready for the challenges of the PR industry.


Song-Quan teaches GCE A-level Biology. With a strong interest in research and hands-on experience, he has published numerous conference papers and started a problem-based learning project – CPUS Research Symposium. In this project, students are able to apply and contextualize the topics they have learned from the syllabus, thereby inspiring them to seek the appropriate pathway that they intend to pursue. Song-Quan constantly promotes both explicit and implicit learning amongst his students, in which learning would not only be a conscious process – for example in the classroom – but may also be acquired from the unconscious processes, for example through daily activities such as using social networking.