We aim to ensure that all academic staff have relevant, innovative teaching skills. Teaching and Learning Centre strives to enhance the professional development of all lecturers of UOW Malaysia KDU.


Accelerated Introduction to Teaching, Research & Pedagogy (ACiD-TR/P) is educational training for UOW Malaysia KDU academic staff designed for multiple objectives that encompass all schools and as a platform for discovering and nurturing teaching and research talent in UOW Malaysia KDU. The series will involve seven sessions, within a period of two to three months.

It will promote camaraderie and networking together with sound and cutting-edge educational thinking.

All lecturers of UOW Malaysia KDU attend this training to ensure that their teaching meets educational standards.


• To serve as an induction program for all new lecturers,
• To serve as a refresher course for existing lecturers,
• To integrate learning and teaching with research as well as the entrepreneurship initiative,
• To foster research and /or pedagogical deliverables from lecturers,
• To encourage inter-departmental sharing and facilitating among lecturers.


• Welcome to UOW Malaysia KDU
• Designing a lesson
• Assessment
• e-Learning
• Research
• Action research in academic settings

Seminar and Workshop

We provide seminars and workshops addressing a wide range of topics related to teaching and learning to answer the needs of our lecturers and to enhance their ability to engage our students, such as pedagogy and best practices.

TLC also provides English language support for the academic & non-academic staffs of UOW Malaysia KDU. These short courses enable staff to brush up on their knowledge of grammar as well as to improve their writing and speaking skills.