Cambridge Professional Development Qualifications

Why Professional Development Qualifications at UOW Malaysia KDU

UOW Malaysia KDU offers internationally recognised Cambridge Professional Development Qualification (PDQs) that provide a strong framework to support effective professional development of teachers and leaders. PDQs are designed to help teachers and leaders to engage critically with relevant concepts, principles, theories and international best practices; apply new ideas and approaches in reflective practice in their own teaching and learning context; evaluate experiences and outcomes to plan further development; improve the quality of their teaching and leadership to enhance the quality of learners’ learning experience.

PDQs integrate well with the schools’ professional development planning, activities, and culture. PDQs demonstrate to parents, school community and stakeholders that the school values and nurtures staff development. PDQs are also internationally recognised as a mark of excellence for the individual teacher or leader.

Cambridge Assessment International Education

The Certificate and Diploma in teaching and learning are designed to help teachers develop their professional thinking and practice, in order to enhance the quality of their teaching and learning. It primarily focuses on the development of knowledge, skills and understanding in the key aspects of teaching and learning. They also help teachers to explore and apply new ideas in their own context and demonstrate their professional development as reflective practitioners. As the quality of an institution depends on the quality of its teachers, we believe that it is essential that teachers acquire this certificate in order to get the best preparations for their learners.

A typical programme run by Cambridge Centre consists of a broad balance of activities which suit the needs and circumstances of teachers and their schools. Some of the activities that will be conducted in the programme are such as guided learning, individual study and collaborative learning and work-based learning supported by the school.

This Certificate and Diploma in Teaching Bilingual Learners are designed to help teachers develop professional thinking and practice which will also benefit the bilingual learners to learn curricular subjects through an additional language more effectively. The qualifications also help teachers to reflect on learner’s first language development as it promotes learning of subjects using additional language. This programme is designed to focus on a reflective cycle of teaching and learning where teachers support both content and language acquisition.

The Certificate and Diploma are suitable for practising teachers who are dealing with bilingual learners in a non-language curricular subjects. Teachers who are teaching language only subjects are not eligible to enter for these qualifications. Research indicates that excellent teaching is the most significant positive factor contributing to the learners as it reflects the quality of the school. Therefore it is a must for teachers to improve their teaching in order to ensure excellent quality of teaching is provided to students.

Program structure

Module 1, Module 2 & Module 3

Learning hours in preparation

40 – Guided Learning
40 – Individual or Collaborative Learning
40 – Work Based Learning

Programme Duration

4 month

Learning hours in preparation

Portfolio of evidence of practice, learning and reflection

Learning hours in preparation

3600 words with work-based records

Each module must be completed successfully before moving to the next. The Diploma comprises all three Modules.

Module 1 can be taken on its own as the Certificate. Candidates can then progress to Modules 2 and 3 to complete the Diploma.
Enrolment into Module 2, must be done within a year of completing Module 1.
Enrolment into Module 3, must be done within 6 months of completing Module 2.